Here are the opening titles of the PAD (Psychiatric Assault Defence) film project. The fictional premise of the project is contained in a remake of the classic Star Wars text crawl that appears after the title logos.

Download video.

This is a creative project that is slowly evolving. If any Star Wars fans and/or those interested in the issues raised on this website (see other posts) wish to get involved or have any ideas then get in contact. Actor’s, graphic artists and 3D artists (blue screening), budding directors and producers, film score musicians. Now is you chance to start the show ! The costumes are being designed and the people are gathering. But this is not a rehearsal. Life is a not a rehearsal. It’s time to start the show ! Where’s the dynamite ? It’s time to show malicious psychiatry who is boss and use the thing they fear the most … creativity ! They fear a world full of love where people are given the chance to find their full potential. They fear a world where their evil is exposed for the fraud it really is. They fear a world where people start discovering genuine health treatments that actually cure them !

But there is much confusion out there. Low morale. Negativity and hurt which can be tackled by approaching this entire subject from another angle completely, hence this project.

(Please note that, depending on licensing, any Star Wars references and logo’s may have to be removed from a final production. However the central theme, as described in the text crawl, can be retained by doing some science fiction rewriting).

temporal-coldwar-24[@] …. (remove minus signs and brackets).

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