Big Brother Watch reports that psychiatric wards are using 24-hour video surveillance. Are you feeling paranoid yet ? 🤣 There’s also been a rise in police forces using drones. My own police force Devon & Cornwall Police also uses them. On their X (Twitter) page they have explicit photos of their drones over public events. Ever feel like you’re being watched ? In fact there’s some evidence for actually being able to sense this non-visually What does increasing use of video surveillance and drones do to us ? In a society obsessed by “mental health”, and which has allowed itself to be cowed by the nonsense of bio-psychiatry, this surveillance state is concerning. The police constantly tell us its for “the greater good” and “to keep people safe“. That’s all very well and good. I’m not anti-police and in my experience they have some independence from the state and are mostly staffed by good people. However, the UK has to be the most surveilled, taxed, regulated, controlled, and kind of paranoid, country in the world. It’s not necessarily technological surveillance though. We are still buying into this lie that any kind of distress is “dangerous” (especially hearing voices). A corrupt psychiatric system, working in league with a multi trillion pharma industry, has us all watching each other for “signs of mental illness”. No need for camera’s there.

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