I always felt that child abuse is actually a type of terrorism. After an absence of some time I go back to an interest of mine, following the development of the British aircraft carriers … the Queen Elizabeth Class of carrier.

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I almost randomly click on a link on one post to the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015. Looking through that, I saw the following section headings …


So I skip to the section underlined in red, to find …


Discovering this in the way I did just blew my socks off ! I’ve had a lot of resentment in the past about feeling that so little is done to catch these kind of abusers. I’ve seen first hand how destructive their behaviour is and, as I said above, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is in fact a type of terrorism. It seems that my government has come to the same conclusion with the problem of child sexual abuse being included in the context of a defence document along with nuclear weapons and military matters.

Is’nt it amazing what a couple of aircraft carriers can do ?2,050 views

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