ECT (so called Electro Convulsive Therapy, and yes it is still used) is inherently flawed as a form of weapon against the individual because consciousness is inherently NOT a product of the brain. Therefore the phrase that various well meaning campaigners parrot that ECT causes “permanent brain damage” is incorrect and grossly disempowering. Don’t get me wrong. The brain damage itself is very serious and still needs to be treated ( see Cavin Balaster ). However memories and experience are NOT “lost forever” because …

“In this new approach, complete and endless consciousness with retrievable memories has its origins in a nonlocal space in the form of indestructible and not directly observable wave functions” (source)

This may be difficult to accept for those bought up in a purely reductionist and materialist paradigm. We are told everything we are is entirely stored “in your head”. Yet this is in direct contradiction to over 100 years of scientific research going back to David Bohm and his implicate order. It’s “controversial” that consciousness is not “in there” but actually “out there”. Consciousness is in fact a fundamental property of the universe at the Planck Scale. The Galileo Report is the best work I’ve seen to date that really gets to grip with why the issue is so “controversial”.

It is the physicist John Hagelin who has explained all this the most clearly. The Wikipedia article about him also contains the derogatory comments made about his work. But that kind of cynicism gives you a good idea of what you’re up against. The detractors will try and keep you trapped in a lie; that consciousness is only ever a product of the brain. Where John Hagelin explains this so well is in his videos made about his appearance in the film What The Bleep Do We Know (again I include the Wikipedia link where many might avoid it, because it shows what you’re up against). However I suggest listening to him in music form. The track  is “Autopilot & Kochlear – Singularity” (there weren’t any copies for sale that I could find).

Download part 1 and part 2.

Your mind is The Unified Field. It can’t be destroyed by electroshock.

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