In the name of The Lord … this is what will REALLY shift this thing …


I made a previous post about this.

I predict that this will one day replace the not-fit-for-purpose psychiatry.

Read this book.

Watch this video.

My claim is not hyperbole. It is not wishful thinking. Levine’s discovery is akin to the discovery of flight. Splitting the atom, or landing on the Moon. His is a superb achievement. Bringing treatment of trauma into the modern world and leaving behind the quackery that is “modern” psychiatry. Yet, as well as being a Space Age conquest and replacement of so called “treatments” for trauma THAT SIMPLY DON’T WORK, Somatic Experiencing is also a synthesis of ancient understanding of true medicine as well as a biological reality that stretches back BILLIONS of years.

These claims may seem largesse or over the top, but that is only because you have been hypnotised into thinking that healing trauma can’t be very, VERY simple. We have had the cart before the horse. We were looking at psychological symptoms BEFORE looking at the body. Look AT THE BODY FIRST and those symptoms literally disappear. No more symptoms for year after year never getting healed. GONE. Return to normal life in months.

Freud and Jung had it all wrong. They failed in their quest. Forever over complicating and leading astray.

REJOICE ! The answer is here. Tell your friends. Drop the cynicism. This is not another sales pitch or false promise. This will not be another sad failure flailing in the mud. THIS IS VICTORY ! This IS VICTORY for the human race. This means WE HAVE A FUTURE whereas before Earth was slowly being turned into one planet sized psychiatric ward. ENOUGH ! Away with these evil one’s and in with the new that WORKS; Somatic Experiencing.

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