Orthodox Psychiatry has such a pitiful understanding of trauma that’s its still a wonder to me that they are even still around. Incompetence and just plain evil of that magnitude can only be kept around when it serves some rather nasty vested interests. The true natural process of responding to trauma has been understood and weaponised over the last few decades. It’s not that orthodox psychiatry “does not know any better”. It’s the case that there’s money and reputations to made by selling research to the military industrial complex. Once you have watched the video below and other material, ask yourself this. Why does Psychiatry have this obsession with locking people away in places where they can’t escape ? Could it be because they know that will initiate the Freeze Response and then that can be manipulated to produce another highly controlled citizen and more research for their disgusting task masters ?

This is one of those things that’s SO OBVIOUS that I actually find it frightening that I’ve heard no one talk about this before. The “he has a twitch” (remember Clint Eastwood’s twitching eye?) now has such an obvious explanation. Epilepsy. Is it really a “condition” that is treatable with drugs (like the supposed “Tourettes” shown in the video) or yet another coming-out-of-freeze-response-attempt after the result of some kind of trauma. The boy I saw having an “Epileptic fit” at school years ago when I was 11 or 12. I was really scared in that moment. But was I scared of the boy or my own animal-instinctual response which was telling me “what you are seeing is as a result of severe trauma in a trapped situation where freeze response was initiated but never successfully terminated”. When did this drift away from natural animal reactions occur ? After all we are animals. I don’t see humans as particularly special. Only “special” in so much as any life form is special as one of God’s creations. Yet so many seem to want to elevate themselves, and the human species, to a place that is somehow outside of reality, and nature. This is to our detriment. The symptoms are SERIOUS. The obvious gets missed and we lose ourselves down dead end paths that we kid ourselves are “advanced” and “technological”, evidenced by the worship of chemicals. Chemical science is just another form of technology but when the insights above are bought in (the video) we get a spectacular reminder of the limitations of technology. No one thinks computers are some total solution to world poverty. They can be a tool, just as some chemical medicines can be useful in the emergency ward when the risks of using them are worth it because a life is at stake. But that’s an extreme situation and the “chemical solutions” used outside of the emergency room are used to ABSURD proportions to the point where the real INTELLIGENCE, as depicted in the video above and the work of Peter A. Levine, PhD get’s missed.

I truly pray to GOD and OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF that more people are made aware of these developments because, I for one, are fed up of people being left in permanent suffering often to the point of death. It’s INHUMAN it’s UNNECESSARY and it must stop.

UPDATE: This is the latest work produced on this by genius Peter Levine.

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