BEN CARTWRIGHT: “Billy do you think its going to be any different in the next town, or the next ?”.

BILLY: “I don’t know but I just keep on hoping! …”.

BEN CARTWRIGHT: ” … what ? People will change ?

BILLY: “…So they’ll stop being selfish, greedy and suspicious, and violent!”.

BEN CARTWRIGHT: ” … and be what? Like you ? Is that what you want ? A world full of people like you ?”

BILLY: “Would that be so bad ?”

BEN CARTWRIGHT: “No. [pause] … The world just can’t stop. It just can’t sit under a tree in the shade and dream about the future. You have to make the future !”

BEN CARTWRIGHT: “It ain’t gonna be me Mr. Cartwright because I don’t like this world”.

BEN CARTWRIGHT: “Then change it!”.

BILLY: “You tell me. Why should I !?”.

BEN CARTWRIGHT: “Because it’s the only world you’ve got!”.1,801 views

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