There was a button that once pressed could bring economic prosperity, world peace, protect children and solve crime. But the existence of this button was denied. People skirted around it and were scared of it. But one day a man came along, Donald J Trump, and he said “I want to press that button, I’m not afraid of this button !”. And, lo it did come to pass that he did actually press THE BUTTON and it also came to pass that economic prosperity really did ensue. World peace started happening, or at least peace in the Middle East. Children were protected and crimes were solved. Bad laws were revoked and people were respected. But all merry hell did break loose as well. Many people were extremely unhappy that THE BUTTON they had denied existed had been pressed and the problems they needed to have there were getting solved. There was a great gnashing of teeth and many became confused; “This man cannot be good” they said because so cynical they had become after years of lying, cheatin’ and bad politicians; “This man is too good to be true” they said; “World peace is a myth and do gooders are dangerous”. So the little planet returned to its daily grind of “problems that will not be solved” and God wept. He wept for humanity and the fools that allowed other fools to run the show. A’men.

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