Psychiatric drugs are weaponised by design. They are designed to create symptoms of mental illness to get users on more drugs or at least keep them on a drug indefinitely. This is the same business model of the Mexican cocaine cartels. But people are fighting back as documented in this brilliant article by Marion Brown that was originally published in the Human Given’s journal.

Once people have started taking them, the medicines affect functioning and thinking processes and, after a while, it can become very difficult to ‘come off’ and return successfully and quickly to ‘normal’. As did Ann, people describe experiencing the most alarming side effects and withdrawal effects and sometimes deeply frightening disturbed thinking, which they find most upsetting and confusing.
If they go back to their doctor, these symptoms tend to be interpreted as a return, or development, of the patient’s ‘mental illness’ and they may be given a further diagnosis, perhaps of personality disorder, and advised that they need additional medication, or even to be ‘sectioned’ and compulsorily medicated.

Why professionals must admit to the dangers of psychiatric drugs, by Marion Brown, 2016.

Fight back !

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