Joe Rogan #1784 Diana Rodgers & Robb Wolf ( Sacred Cow: The Case for Better Meat )

Game Over folks. This is why they were trying to ban Joe Rogan. Just some God honest info. Take it or leave it. It’s not anti Vegan or Vegetarian. No one’s trying to stop you doing that. What has needed to be stopped is preventing the info getting out there so people can make their own choices. Also what this podcast highlighted for me is the horrific sham of “psychiatry” (the abusive form of psychiatry is not psychiatry !). I have personal experience of this. Back in the day I was dealing with a lot of crap from a dysfunctional family. I’d also been drugged with a nasty pharmaceutical in 76 which gave me long term health problems. Then I was sold the idea that “meat is bad” by the usual left wing, liberal, “woke” people. I went vegetarian. This meant I was not getting in enough of those nutrients ! As you can image this did not help with dealing with and processing various types of trauma, crap from a bad family and just making intelligent decisions. It was malnutrition ! But along comes abusive psychiatry. No actual checks on my health. No “why does he really look crazy”. The problems I had were from malnutrition ! But abusive psychiatry is so bad, I mean BAD TO THE BONE ! They never check these things. They don’t want to check these things because they are so locked into the 20th century Matrix sort of thing where one has to sell one’s self over to the Pharma warlords. They are Pharma whores. How many “suicides” have been created by an already malnourished person having their health further ruined by nasty drugs and so forth ? Yet people are tut tutting over “another suicide created by mental illness”. I find the whole thing totally repulsive, but podcasts like this give me much hope. In fact much more than hope. Certainty that the writing on the wall says that the whole 20th century fools road is being thrown out the window and we are moving into a real and healthy world once and for all.

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