Except “it”,ie. psychiatric horror, began 70 years ago. See below.

Dr Perter Breggin shows how the nature of modern damaging psychiatric drugs and electroshock “ECT” are no longer a mystery once you know the facts of the history of psychiatry. The following pages are taken from the PDF of Electroshock: Its Brain-Disabling Effects by Peter Roger Breggin, New York: Springer Publishing, 1979. (Local copy).

In 1981 Breggin wrote …

In 1979 I published Electroshock: Its Brain-Disabling Effects in which I attempted to remove the shroud of mystery for the first time with a complete review of the literature concerning brain damage following ECT,


Today that “shroud” still hangs over these subjects. Like the hoods The Sith wear in Star Wars films. The public, if they even know that psychiatric drugs are massively damaging or that ECT still goes on, are unaware that the modern day machinations of psychiatry are really just what they have been doing all along. Torture and terror. It’s as if horror has been normalised as “being good for you”. Cruelty is worshiped as the new kindness. 

How can 70 years of the horror of psychiatry have passed by with so little challenge apart from brave souls like Breggin ? Have we all turned into cowards ?

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