You need the truth now. Crack this thing. This is WW3 (sadly) initiated and strategised by Communist China. An economic (economic abuse?) and information warfare. China aren’t stupid. They know they’d never win a shooting war because of nuclear weapons, just as we learnt in the Cold War with “MAD” mutually assured destruction. So the fact that some “virus” actually comes from China might be a bit of a clue. In fact China have given away their entire strategy openly in various documents and statements. The effect on the West is clear. Keep people off balance. Destroy businesses, jobs, economies, PEOPLE. This has been done by getting control of politicians, medical experts, governments and the media (if they know it or not) by creating the fiction of some “dangerous virus”. Who originally isolated this “virus”. Yep. China. But the West’s medical systems have been falling over themselves to believe them. The PCR test has been declared unreliable. Current death numbers look remarkably like the seasonal flu *minus* the seasonal flu numbers. Most deaths are taken up by deaths of very elderly or those with pre-existing conditions. The young do not die from it. Any deaths of the young “from covid-19” should be treated with suspicion as there have been numerous documented cases of deaths from other causes being attributed to covid-19. And then of course we have the real fear hit (beyond any “virus”) lurking behind the cloud of confusion. This is a very real attack by China and I fear what the consequences and any reprisals will be. Both the USA and China have nuclear weapons and it is THIS that I believe is creating a nasty fear hit that is driving this whole thing. There were some clues to this with the initial news spread around that covid “was created in a Chinese bioweapons lab”. It has never been confirmed if this was true or not. But nevertheless this “charges” China’s information weapon with its payload that is currently wreaking havoc in Western democracies. So subconsciously (for the moment) people know this is really an attack from nuclear armed China. Until this comes out consciously this nightmare will continue. Once consciously examined it will become clear that China have an agenda and getting into a nuclear shooting war with Western democracies is not one of them hence why they used the tactic of the covid-19 economic/information warfare rather than shooting guns.

ADDENDUM 24/12/20: Once I’d freed my mind and body from the evil spell that China created I started encountering articles I simply could not find before …

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