In my previous post I identified some of the real reasons for a careless, uncaring and corrupt mental health system in the UK. In this information war where victims are kept in an information quarantine I managed to break through again to another jackpot !

I had initially identified The Little Alpert experiment as a key Behaviourist experiment. The experiment was carried out by John B Watson. I found reference to him in Psychiatry, Psychology and the Progressive Movement, John Chynoweth Burnham, American Quarterly Vol 12, No 4 (Winter, 1960). If you login you can read the entire article for free. The Progressivist agenda it identifies led me onto the whole enchilada that I identified in my previous article.

John B West is a curious fellow. I was astounded to find a book written by his grand daughter Mariette Hartley

Some quotes …

He [Watson] discussed child-raising theories popular in the twenties—antiseptic theories that greatly influenced psychology, theories that claimed that any show of love or close physical contact made the child too dependent.” [My insert & emphasis].

Loc 132.

“Grandfather’s theories infected my mother’s life, my life, and the lives of millions.”

Loc 172.

The book references another work by Montagu, Touching – The Human Significance of the Skin that shows how babies kept in chambers, in an obsessive attempt to prevent infections, were separated from touch and normal human contact. They withered away and lost weight. This history of psychology, psychiatry and Progressivism is clearly at the basis of this entire problem. People introduced to psychiatry and many forms of psychology are subjected to a kind of quarantine – much like the babies cited by Montagu. Here’s another quote …

“Children [or mental patients] were mechanical objects at the mercy of their environment, and parents could make them into anything they wished. The child’s wishes, needs, feelings were treated as if they did not exist. Unsound as this thinking is, and damaging as it has been to millions of children, many of whom later grew up into disturbed persons, the behavioristic, mechanistic approach to child-rearing is still largely with us. The man responsible—wrote Montagu—the man to thank, was “Professor John Broadus Watson of Johns Hopkins University.” I dropped the book and got chills. John Broadus Watson. My mother’s father. Big John. My grandfather.

The child’s wishes, needs, and feelings were treated as if they did not exist.”

[My insert and emphasis].

Loc 147.

I’m still reading the book. But how much more confirming evidence is out there ? Psychiatry and “mental health” in the UK suffers from an appalling, freezing cold, attitude problem. The majority of discussion, debate and TRUTH is stifled in deference to this disgusting, inhuman, obsession with the withdrawal of love, care, due process and true compassion and sympathy. Even worse psychiatry creates obscure (and obtuse) technocratic definitions of “psychiatric disorders” that no one understands. This is another part of the quarantine process. Many people don’t extend normal sympathy and understanding because the victim has been put in a kind of chamber. A form of sensory deprivation and social cut off. But with real understanding of the history here, as well as an awareness that the problem is driven by a very real agenda and clinical approach devoid of human warmth, then the locus of blame can be shifted from the victims (as in blame the victim) to the real perpetrators. Those who worship at the alter of this appalling philosophy of the way human distress should be treated. We are human! Human warmth and real help is real. It’s out there. Let’s get it to the people who really need it !

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