“Scientism aligned with Psychiatry think people are biological machines and that free will is an illusion. But this is the flaw in their plan because we do have souls. We can choose and exercise our free will.”

Quote from A View From The Galaxies: Universal Reality Beats Abusers on Planet Earth.

Progressivism. A political movement to improve people’s life’s, or something more sinister ? Progressivism is defined by the Left itself as well as so called “Social Justice Warriors” as …

a term that encompasses a wide spectrum of social movements that include environmentalism, labor, agrarianism, anti-poverty, peace, anti-racism, civil rights, women’s rights, animal rights, social justice and political ideologies such as anarchism, communism, socialism, social democracy, and liberalism.” [My emphasis].

What Is Progressivism?

Interestingly this, seemingly obscure word to many people uninvolved in politics, appears on, no less, the official website of the American Psychological Association …

“The progressive movement in politics, which called for a more efficient, less corrupt, social order.” [Emphasis in original]

APA History.
Screen shot of APA website.

The significance of this will become clearer later on in this article.

My research over the years has found strong evidence of Progressivism in the history of Psychiatry with a key figure in the field, Brock Chisholm, espousing not only Progressivist philosophies but outright Communism and Marxism.

But it gets worse …

“I had never really thought about a direct connection between Progressivism and its leftist cousins, and psychology/psychiatry until I was introduced to the 45 communist goals first brought to light in 1963. I was taken aback by two of those goals: #38, “Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].” #39, “Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.” Well, thought I, what gives? Why is psychiatry something Communists were even interested in? I began to research psychology, psychiatry and the Left. One of the things that I found is that there is a heck of a lot more research that can and should be done. I present what I’ve found so far, with the desire to make the truth known.” [My emphasis]

Psychology / Psychiatry and the Left, Part 1: Progressivism & Eugenics.

The Communist goals are quoted straight from a key work in the field, The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen. These kind of works often get trivialised by the Left and many others who should know a lot better. Since 1917 when the Bolshevik “revolution” erupted in Russia, the world has been dominated by a truly regressive cult. The cult was started by a truly vile man (as Skousen shows in his book). Karl Marx. While he postured as a messiah who would “save the world from Capitalism” his children died in poverty with absolutely no effort from himself to help them. When his horrible ideas eventually took root in 1917 the world was thrown into multiple genocides caused by Marxism. Millions starved to death in the former Soviet Union. Millions in Cambodia and China. Horrible proxy wars in Africa and, of course, the ultimate nightmare itself, the Cold War. There, as a child, I had the spectre of total nuclear annihilation held over me. The world finally overcame Communism when the Berlin Wall came down. But to the rest of the Communist and Marxist ideologues its as if none of this ever happened. They carried straight on pursuing their Marxist dreams. One of them being the pursuit of improved “mental health” for everyone. The ultimate coda for “proper communist/Marxist thought” which we know as “political correctness”. This would all be so much table thumping on my part if there weren’t hardcore evidence and examples of exactly this kind of agenda as I show below.

I followed up on the author of The Naked Communist, W. Cleon Skousen. Then I hit the jackpot ! His name turned up in the United States Congressional Record. I was excited to find an entire, huge, tract of information about all this in none other that the official United States Congressional Record of 1969.

United States Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969).

Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969) contains this discussion about “Mental Health” (“Sensitivity Training“) in great depth with Skousen and many other contributors. I encourage the investigator to read the entire tract as its very revealing. The entire volume is here but it is rather large and there is a smaller PDF here. Here is a direct link to the correct PDF. The piece titled “SENSITIVITY TRAINING” starts at page 15322 of the record ( page 58 of the smaller PDF) and goes through to 15355. This enormous tract of supporting evidence was put into the congressional record by Democratic U.S. representative John Rarick (1924  – 2009) …

United States Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969).

Now this is quite a find for me. Here in Britain this entire angle of their being a DELIBERATELY coercive psychiatry and mental health system is widely ignored. The idea that a deep rooted part of the “mental health” ethos is rooted in Communism and Marxism is treated as laughable at best. I originally thought that my discovery of Brock Chisholm might wake a few people up but it seems that there needs to be multiple pieces of evidence in multiple times and places to convince anyone. Here follows some quotes from the Congressional Record piece (but as I said I recommend reading the whole piece in the PDF). I would hope that anyone who has ever had brushes with the labyrinthine and Kafkian British mental health system might recognise something in the following quotes.

“This method of thought control and mind-manipulation, sometimes called brainwashing, in based on the Pavlovian theory of conditioning, and is used to control all the peoples behind the Iron Curtain, and to create The New Soviet Man. The populace is divided into communes and then into small groups of 10-15, forced to meet regularly and participate in Self-Group Criticism. This spotlights the agitators or potential troublemakers, who are then brought into the “correct” line of thinking, This procedure has created the most effective tyranny ever devised. Through Self-Group Criticism (divulging their innermost thoughts and informing on themselves and others) the people create their own police state and control one another.” [My emphasis]

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969) , 15325.


8 to 16 Group Members—1 Leader.
Seminar, large group indoctrination,
Relax personal defenses.
Group conformity.
Self-Group Criticism.
Pressures, tension, anxieties, fatigue.
3 Steps: Unlearn, change, re-learn.
Favors and rewards for change.
Uncover reactionaries.
Uncover information.
Undermines authority, leadership.
Realigns loyalties.
Changes individuals and society.
‘Conscientious practice of self-criticism is still another hallmark distinguishing our Party from all other political parties’—Mao- Tse-Tung.


Mandatory and voluntary.
8 to 16 Trainees—1 Trainer.
Seminar, large group indoctrination.
Permissive Atmosphere.
Self-Group Criticism.
Open, Honest, Truthful.
Pressures, tension, anxieties, fatigue.
3 Steps: Unfreeze, change, re-freeze.
Supports and rewards for change.
Uncover individualists.
Uncover information.
Undermines authority, leadership.
Realigns loyalties.
Changes individuals and society.
‘Sensitivity Training is a means for altering the basic personality structure of an individual’—Carl Rogers, Western Behavioural Sciences Institute.”

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15325.

Compare with CBT. Then compare that with the Wikipedia entry on Sensitivity Training.

“… one is apt to feel inadequate and unable to make decisions without approval of the group.”.

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15326.

“Some people, who might be termed “change agents”, seem to become “hooked” on these procedures. Sensitivity Training becomes an obsession and nothing else in life has much meaning for them.”.

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15327.

Compare with people who identify as “mentally ill” and define everything through the lens of “mental health”.

“Issue in Human Relations “Training,” 1962, National Training Laboratory, National Education Association (NEA), in promoting Sensitivity Training programs, says that “ill” persons reach out for help while relatively “well” individuals find themselves in a dilemma. Although they appear to behave appropriately and seem “normal” by most cultural standards, they may actually be in need of mental health care in order to help them change, adapt and conform to the planned society in which there will be no conflict of attitudes or beliefs.”, [My emphasis].

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15327.

The Logical Song ? …

“I said, watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical

Liberal, oh fanatical, criminal …”

Supertramp, The Logical Song.

““The group philosophy in the Guides appears to be a collective philosophy, in which the welfare of the group is considered above all personal ambitions, desires, and incentives, . . . this philosophy would have a tendency to weaken the American tradition [or British ! My insert] of individual freedom. . . . Children are to contribute to the group and merge their identity within the groups.” “In the group philosophy, such personal ambitions as seeking to improve one’s status, or striving for success, ambitions which are generally attributed to the middle classes by the Guides, would interfere with the proper functioning of the group. The child is not to work primarily for personal improvement or personal gain but for group acceptance and group welfare. It is also possible that children will be forced to conform to group standards, and have proper group attitudes, or they will be suspected of poor mental health.” “Mental health pertains to attitudes, behavior and social and group adjustment.” “There are many methods recommended in the Guides to assist children in developing proper attitudes and behavior and in overcoming poor “mental health”. In solving children’s problems or poor “mental health”, the teacher is to take an active part.” “In the modern school, every act, every attitude, every incident portraying the child’s behavior will be subject to a thorough inspection and judgment by the teacher, and may be recorded in the child’s permanent record.””.

“SENSITIVITY TRAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15330.

Compare with this news article from 2019; “‘Britain’s biggest snowflake’: Parents slam Brighton head teacher for banning children from playing tag because it’s ‘too rough’, Joanne Smith told pupils at Rudyard Kipling Primary to play with ‘gentle hands’, Children are being encouraged to hold hands or clap while in the playground.”.

““Any man who cannot be persuaded into Communist rationale is, of course, to be regarded as somewhat less than sane, and it is, therefore completely justified to use the technique of insanity upon the non-Communist.” … “One of the first and foremost missions of the psychopolitician is to make an attack upon Communism and insanity synonymous. It should become the definition of insanity, of a paranoid variety, that ‘A paranoid believes he is being attacked by Communists.’ Thus, at once the support of the individual so attacking Communism will fall away and wither.””.

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15333.

So far from the “delusions” that any real criticism of mental health and psychiatry is depicted as, we have, extraordinarily, an entire tract of confirming information in the United States congressional record. As if placed there for future researchers to discover, right in the heart of the Cold War. The Vietnam War was at its height. President Reagan and his friend, Prime-minister Mrs. Thatcher (The Iron Lady), stood, unyielding, in the face of what turned out to be, as we saw with the NAZI’s, a very nasty enemy indeed. So in 1969 U.S. representative John Rarick blows the whistle on the early development of another part of the Cold War. What we now know as “Mental Health”. It seems that even as the Soviet Union and other Communist and Marxist countries were posturing that they were winning the Cold War (at least, that’s what they told their people) it had already been foreseen that the game was already up, even if the USA “lost” the Vietnam War. So open season was declared for the dialectic to be unleashed. Every victim and victim class was fair game as long as it pitted society into vicious culture wars. The ultimate victimhood is to accept the definition of being “mentally ill” and the majority of campaigners and campaign groups who claim to be “fighting psychiatry” or “standing up for the mentally ill” are riddled with Socialist, Communist and Marxist ideas, if they know it or not ! The collectivisation ! The erasure and side lining of individual thought ! The problem of damaging psychiatric drugs is routinely blamed on “profit” alone and the pharma companies are treated as an inevitable evil of “late term Capitalism”. Onward comrades ! Come the revolution society will be made to accept your “mental health” defects and the pharma companies will fall like nine pins.

Fellow campaigners. It’s time for you to wake up.


“Kurt Lewin laid the foundations for sensitivity training in a series of workshops he organised in 1946, using his field theory as the conceptual background. His work then contributed to the founding of the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine in 1947 – now part of the National Education Association – and to their development of training groups or T-groups.”

Sensitivity Training, Wikipedia page (permanent link).

“Lewin often associated with the early Frankfurt School, originated by an influential group of largely Jewish Marxists at the Institute for Social Research in Germany. But when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 the Institute members had to disband, moving to England and then to America. In that year, he met with Eric Trist, of the London Tavistock Clinic. Trist was impressed with his theories and went on to use them in his studies on soldiers during the Second World War.” [My emphasis]

Kurt Lewin, Wikipedia page (permanent link).

“He [Trist] visited B. F. Skinner, a key figure in Behaviourism in Boston.”

Eric Trist, Wikipedia page (permanent link).

“The Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation (open-ended and self-critical) is based upon Freudian, Marxist and Hegelian premises of idealist philosophy. To fill the omissions of 19th-century classical Marxism, which could not address 20th-century social problems, they applied the methods of antipositivist sociology, of psychoanalysis, and of existentialism. The School’s sociologic works derived from syntheses of the thematically pertinent works of Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx, of Sigmund Freud and Max Weber, and of Georg Simmel and Georg Lukács.” [My emphasis]

Frankfurt School, Wikipedia page (permanent link).

As an aside here I include this little gem of Marxist nonsense. I personally had my music creating abilities attacked and almost destroyed by the British “Mental Health System” and I always wondered why until I read the following.

“In particular, Adorno despised jazz and popular music, viewing it as part of the culture industry, that contributes to the present sustainability of capitalism by rendering it “aesthetically pleasing” and “agreeable”. The British philosopher Roger Scruton saw Adorno as producing “reams of turgid nonsense devoted to showing that the American people are just as alienated as Marxism requires them to be, and that their cheerful life-affirming music is a ‘fetishized’ commodity, expressive of their deep spiritual enslavement to the capitalist machine.”

Frankfurt School Wikipedia page Philosophy of Music section (permanent link).

Do usually “inexplicable” horrors in the psychiatric/mental health system become easier to understand in the light of things such as this ?

“Trist [Tavistock] graduated in Psychology in 1933, with a distinction, and went to Yale University in the USA and again met Lewin, who was at Cornell University and then Iowa. He visited B. F. Skinner, a key figure in Behaviourism in Boston. After witnessing some disturbing experiences during the Depression, he became politically interested for the first time, and read Karl Marx.” [My emphasis]

Eric Trist, Wikipedia page (permanent link).

Marxism. Many would say that today its Crypto-Marxism. See here, here, and here. Marxism is …

“Concerned with social change and, more particularly, with effective, permanent social change …”

Action Research Wikipedia page (permanent link). This page was linked from Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (permanent link) which was itself linked from Tavistock Institute (permanent link)

The Tavistock ethos is hugely obfuscated. Just taking a look at the Action Research article should have anyone’s head spinning. Yet it retains all the hall marks of Marxism. “Permanent social change” ? What exactly is supposed to be wrong with us and our society that it needs “permanently changing” ? Also from the Action Research page ..“Unfreezing: Faced with a dilemma or disconfirmation, the individual or group becomes aware of a need to change.” … This is THE DIALECTIC (conflict). It’s Sensitivity Training.

“The cycle begins with a series of planning actions initiated by the client and the change agent working together”. [My emphasis]

Action Research Wikipedia page (permanent link).

Head of Tavistock, John Rawlings Rees (permanent link), shared a 1945 award with Brock Chisholm ( ). John Rawlings Rees was also the first head of World Federation of Mental Health. If you notice the World Federation of Mental Health is not called the “International Federation of Mental Health” but World Federation of Mental Health. Same with the World Health Organisation, which is not called the International Health Organisation (IHO) which would be much more appropriate and more productive. Brock Chisholm became head of the World Federation of Mental Health in 1957.

This entire modern “Mental Health” agenda is Sensitivity Training as it encourages one to open up about one’s innermost secrets and states of mind. Self criticism and group criticism is encouraged under the emotional black mail of “stopping suicides”. “Early interventions” are encouraged. Men are characterised as “being the worst examples of not opening up about their feelings” to guilt trip them into the Sensitivity Training process.

“In working to bring about change in the church and social structure, three steps are always apparent: First: Identify the problem and create in the participants a feeling of guilt, fear, insecurity and doubt. Second: Approach the problem by encouraging group discussion, group confession and self-group criticism. Third: Solve the problem by creating a dependence upon the decisions of “the group”, instead of independent judgment. It has been proven that there is a reflex action of submission to the group with every act of verbal confession in a group structure. When a “manipulated” group consensus is arrived at in this manner, more often than not the decisions arrived at are based upon emotion, rather than reason. Commitment to action follows, and often calls for participation in protest demonstrations”

“SENSITIVITY RAINING”, Congressional Record (Bound) – Volume 115, Part 12 (June 10, 1969 to June 19, 1969), 15334.

If the reader is still not convinced that these overt examples of Marxist and Communist methods are not safely isolated back in 1969 in the Cold War then look at another gem from today’s world. I found this extraordinary quote in the Psychotherapist Magazine, a publication of The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

“The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) is the UK’s leading professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors. Our membership includes over 7,800 individual therapists and more than 70 training and accrediting organisations.”

UKCP Publications.

Here’s the quote …

“The continuity of the human race may require a surrender of our personal sense of existence – our ego identity, what we know and predict that maintains personal continuity. In this sense, hope becomes radical because it is contingent on surrender.”

The Psychotherapist issue 63: Summer 2016 , p9

In other words surrender to the Marxist Group Mind, or else ! The entire article is riddled with destructive metaphors and the desire to destroy traditional ways of living that is straight out of the Sensitivity Training of 1969.

“Plenty Coups radical hope had instigated a cultural intervention for his Crow nation. It involved accepting a tragic destruction of their way of life as a means to imagining a new future.” [My emphasis]

The Psychotherapist issue 63: Summer 2016 , p9

This characterises perfectly the nature of modern “Mental Health” in Britain today. The “tragic destruction” of people and ways of life through “suicides” that are often instigated through the use of toxic psychiatric drugs that kill and maim millions. We may as well be looking at the Cambodian killing fields, or events in China and the former Soviet Union driven by Marxism and Communism that killed millions.

Psychotherapy Magazine also includes this gem in a letter in response to the article I quoted from above.

… can we begin to really face that it is our way of life that is crippling the planet and jeopardising the future of all interdependent life that it supports. Can we bear to stop splitting and begin to integrate (not to mention start to repair) the ways in which we are also the bad guys ?

The Psychotherapist Spring 2017, p18.

Feeling guilt tripped ? Here we are again; Sensitivity Training.

The fight between Capitalism/Individualism/Freedom vs Marxism/Communism that started at the beginning of the twentieth century continues. Mercifully it is without the Cold War nuclear stand off. But I’m not sure how many have realised how this fight is right at the centre of “Mental Health” in Britain. I thank U.S. representative John Rarick for bringing this issue to my attention and into sharp focus with his congressional record entry from all those years ago in 1969.

Another much more prominent example of the whole “Sensitivity Training” ethos that you might have seen in the news is Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg: ‘To do your best is no longer good enough’, GQ article, 12th August 2019.

This article is full of intimate discussion of her “mental health”. Apparently she was suffering from depression and an eating disorder. It’s heavily suggested that it was Climate Change that contributed to her depression and that “fighting back” led to a rebirth of benevolence towards Planet Earth. Yet the article admits that she was drugged with Sertraline (a depression drug).

“… she is given sertraline for her depression and the long road back begins.”

Greta Thunberg: ‘To do your best is no longer good enough’, GQ article, 12th August 2019.

And then here it comes …

“I think in many ways that we autistic are the normal ones and the rest of the people are pretty strange.”

Greta Thunberg: ‘To do your best is no longer good enough’, GQ article, 12th August 2019.

It’s the Sensitivity Training agenda reborn again with an added dose of guilt tripping and emotional blackmail “because you are the one’s harming the planet”. The culture wars are thrown into their lurid spinning fury again. The DIALECTIC is let loose to push, not concern for the planet. Not concern for the mental health of a child. But MARXISM. This is today, not in some Cold War warriors bunker in 1969.


Yet within its ultimately Marxist agenda have been sown the seeds of its own destruction …

“Thus ended the dynamic, turbulent and restless career of Karl Marx. By all standards it was a pathetic life, filled with burning ambition, constant frustration and continuous failure. Whether seen from the viewpoint of friend or foe, perhaps the real tragedy of Marx’s life can be found in the fact that for some amazing reason he almost instinctively planted the seeds of self-destruction in any project he promoted.” [My emphasis]

The Naked Communist, p28.

To summarise, progressive psychiatry and behaviourism is being used …

“…to wipe out the social and economic sins of human imperfection in one clean sweep and then gradually introduce a society of perfect harmony which will allow all humanity to live scientifically, securely and happily during all future ages.”

The Naked Communist, p62.

This is why we are all being encouraged to check each other for “Mental Health problems” and to seek “help” which usually involves being drugged with biology altering pharmaceuticals. But back in 1969, a year before I was born, freedom loving people like Skousen and John Rarick planted some serious tools to allow the people of 2020 to take back control of their life’s from an interfering and damaging British “mental health” system.

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