What a load of socialist inspired nonsense I wrote in a couple of blog posts that I just deleted. They can stay on archive.org for all I care as a permanent record to the predatory madness that is the Marxist/Socialist/Communist/Fascist Left. They preyed on me for 45 years due to myself having come out of a history of abuse against me. The Left specialise in “converting” that abuse into a hatred of Capitalism and projection of the hurts onto all the assumed “bad guys” in the world. But I know it was not my fault. However it was my responsibility to get out of it. This happened in a conversion of sorts a few months before the election of Donald J Trump. I was hearing the BBC and other news outlets going on about the “crazier than usual” USA election campaigns. It was the complete lack of any political analysis that got me curious. What was really going on ? Then I discovered Bill Mitchell. The Deplorable’s. The corrupt Democrat party and corrupt Clinton’s (mirroring my own experience with  similar child abusing establishment factions here in Britain). I was late to the party. Very late, in fact I almost missed the main show. I will always be proud of seeing the entire Trump election landslide historical events first hand so to speak. It was mostly through Twitter but I engaged with Trump voters and they soon started showing me, either directly or through inspiration, how enormously I had been misled by The Left, originally by some Anarchists I used to hang around with  from around 1996 to 2003. This was not foolishness on my part. I had come out of an incredibly abusive family and had developed a sort of natural sympathy with other people’s struggles if it be individually or collectively. However as I now know this was RUTHLESSLY exploited by The Left. Some of it was already there in my own psychology. I was hurt. Really hurt. But I am not naturally a hate filled individual. It took the Left to shape that hurt into a pure hatred of the supposed global forces of Capitalism that were “really” to blame. This was basically the same process that many terrorist organisations use. Showing pictures and video’s of supposedly “illegal” wars. Telling half truths. Of course Capitalism and even the USA and other countries can be guilty of abuses. But there are almost always reasons and a context that, even if it does not justify the abuses, fits into the messy business of living and the world, rather than “explaining” it as part of some kind of global “conspiracy against the workers” Marxist nonsense.

So I threw the whole thing out on it’s ass. Flying through the Old West bar doors landing on it’s backside in a cloud of dust. The two friends who hauled the offending fellow out the bar for me were these two heavy weights …

United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror by Jamie Glazov.

… and …

See No Evil: 19 Hard Truths the Left Can’t Handle by Joel Pollak.

There were others like Trump the Press: Don Surber’s take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race by Don Surber.

So if you find any Left leaning, Marxists nonsense lurking on this blog, or anywhere else written by me, this is why. I disavow any of that, but let it stand as a warning to other abuse (especially child sexual abuse) victims out there. Beware the predatory Left !1,709 views

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