I’ve been following news about the E-Cat/LENR for a while though the site E-Cat World. Up until recently it has been very good. But then something changed with the posting of an item about Mr. Dodgy UFO character Dr Greer. From there it all started going downhill. Where discussions used to be lively and informed, often with professionals turning up to give interesting news, now the site has been taken over by aggressive Liberals promoting some kind of political agenda against LENR. I suspect, if they are driven by any kind of logic, that they are afraid that LENR/Cold Fusion with give Capitalism a massive boost and their agenda of “peak oil” and catastrophic climate change will go down in flames.

I posted on that page being critical of what is going on and that comment was removed . Admittedly it was a rather strong comment but contained no profanity or anything else of an offensive nature. Here it is …

Michael Z Freeman -> georgehants, 4 hours ago

What are you doing here Liberals/Communists/Marxists ? This is a site about the industrialisation of LENR technology. It is CAPITALISM that will achieve this but you want to destroy the very thing that will give you your E-cat. You are a contradiction wrapped up in an anomaly. You want one thing with one hand but destroy that thing with the other hand. Why don’t you go away and go off to your anti-Trump rallies and leave the professionals here (any left on this site, lol?) to get on with their work. Ackland ! Are you asleep at the wheel !?

I don’t think Ackland is listening anymore (the editor of the site). He has normally been very affable. I’ve had a few email exchanges with him and made article suggestions.

I think at the bottom of his problem is likely to be the conspiracy crowd. There was already a case of a major Cold Fusion character going “out of bounds” so to speak and talking at a major meeting about 911 conspiracy theories. My point is not that conspiracy theories are always wrong (but they can get quickly get out of hand!) but that LENR/E-Cat/Cold Fusion research has already got into very hot water before due to controversies in Science about new unaccepted phenomena. That last thing it needs is to be associated with UFO’s, 911 and … what next? … Chemtrails ? (BTW Chemtrails might have some basis in reality, I really don’t know).

So I think the conspiracy theory crowd has led Frank Ackland astray. Hope you find your way my friend.1,666 views

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