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“It’s about time we got this nonsense sorted out !”

I’ve written about Ritual Abuse (RA) before …

This article is for victims/survivors of Ritual Abuse, as well as for researchers and practitioners.

In this blog I’ll cover how Ritual Abusers use trickery and lies to manipulate, often young children, into believing that the abusers have “powers” or are even “gods”. They create a lot of fear by referencing Religious myths that partly draws on what has turned into a pop culture of sayings in society about “The Devil” and “Satan” (Westerners language is often peppered with swear words involving “God” and/or “Hell”) that is based on highly inaccurate assumptions about the origins of these words and Religious concepts. This can create an atmosphere of veritable Middle Ages like superstition and Religious hysteria in RA victims, and the wider approach of society to RA itself, that seems strange in a modern world that claims to have rejected superstition. The hysteria is akin to things like Jerusalem Syndrome. By the way, many cases of the so called Jerusalem psychosis are likely to be genuine Religious ecstasy and possibly echo a healthy, if albeit strenuous, spiritual conversion away from being held in a lie, that can happen when waking up to the reality of Ritual Abuse.

I don’t mind revealing here that I have first hand experience of RA as a former victim. However therapists like Ellen Lactor and many others have uncovered the same mechanisms of control and they were not subjected personally to abuse.

There are a couple of key pieces of media here that are the inspiration for this article and, I believe, were designed by the writers to put across these concepts. This is a two parter of the science fiction series The Stargate SG-1,  episodes “Jolinar’s Memories” (on Stargate Wiki) and “The Devil You Know” (on Stargate Wiki). These are episodes 12 and 13 of season 3 of Stargate SG-1.

The journey …
… begins.

I don’t bring in the Stargate series here for frivolous reasons or just for entertainment, although it is a very entertaining work of fiction. I think it can help victims and survivors to come to terms with the reality of what was done to them. If you are not familiar with this series then you might want to familiarise yourself with the series first. I’d also suggest that even if Science Fiction is “not your thing” then it’s well worth making an effort to watch these episodes or at least understand what the writers are doing in this series (especially in the first few seasons) as the writing and acting is a masterpiece of putting across a point that is at the heart of what the Ritual Abuse MO (“method of operation”) is. (The two parter is on sale here as individual episodes, or buy as box sets from Amazon or other retailer).

The Stargate series is also trustworthy. I have spent years watching it since around 2000. I became suspicious of it multiple times. That was typical post abuse, post Ritual Abuse behaviour, especially when much of it is designed to help people; victims are “programmed” (targeted traumatisation) to distrust anything that is genuinely helpful.


So here we go !

Ritual Abusers seem to believe they are “punishing the wicked in God’s name” based on various convoluted pseudo-religious belief systems as I will show below.

To begin with we can start reading about “Hell”, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell (permanent link)

Please note that this is Wikipedia and anyone can hit the edit button which is why I include links to the original version (“permanent link”) of the page that I quote from. Even though Wikipedia is mostly very good, some of it can be inaccurate. As long as the reader is aware of that you can check the references and come to your own conclusions.

This is also a good related page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gehenna (permanent link)

(Important words and phrases below are underlined in bold by me.).

“The word [hell] has cognates [translation] in Latin (see verb celo, “to hide“).”

“To hide” … AKA the Ritual Abuse “MO” itself. Very secretive and often carefully hidden (but not immune to exposure).

Goa’uld “personal shields” not withstanding. Frame from Stargate SG-1 episode “the Devil You Know”.

Ritual Abuse has included reports of child and baby sacrifice. Historical evidence of child sacrifice is (sadly) there. For example see this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moloch (Permanent link) … notice the horned statue.

If we go back to the Gehenna page …

“In the Hebrew Bible, Gehenna was initially where some of the kings of Judah sacrificed their children by fire [to Moloch].[1] Thereafter it was deemed to be cursed”.

This was a Canaanite death cult killing people in the name of Moloch.

“This valley is mentioned five times in the Book of Jeremiah (7:31,32 19:2,6 32:35) as the place in which the people would “burn their sons and daughters in the fire” as part of the worship of Moloch …”.

“In the reign of Josiah a call came from Jeremiah to destroy the shrines in Topheth and to end the practice Jeremiah 7:31-32, 32:35.”

Quotes from this section (permanent link).

It was a “hell” alright ! But look at the definition above. The original translation is “hell” as “hidden”. So innocents were being killed under a cover of some kind, a conspiracy of silence like the one that often surrounds Ritual Abuse. If you read around the original theological meaning of this story, there is “punishment” of these child killing criminals, just as the (erroneous) definition of “hell” includes punishment of people. But the original perpetrators were not being punished as the damned in hell. They were being “punished” by good people at the time, by destroying their “shrines” and decrying their behaviour. Their shrines were destroyed to protect the innocent. These were children, human beings, who had committed no crime and hence did not deserve any kind of capital punishment, if anyone would do such a monstrous thing to a child. The literal meaning of the word “innocents”; “to be innocent of a crime”. The victims of the appalling practice, and the origin of the “hell” concept,  were not “the damned being punished in hell”. They were victims of murdering criminals just as, sadly, many children are in our modern world.

I’m not the only one, as I found out, to make this comparison with the Caananites and Moloch. Elie Wiesel is an American Jewish writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor. In 2014 he published a newspaper advert in various newspapers that exposed the use of child sacrifice by Hamas. He’s not talking figuratively but literally, because he saw the same thing being done to Jews in the fires, “the ovens” of the NAZI concentration camps (a modern version of the Canaanite/Moloch “shrines” as I covered above); another death cult as the Caananites were as well. He makes the comparison to the Canaanite/Moloch history …



Major Samantha Carter of SG-1.

Oh, wait. So you mean … ?!” – Major Samantha Carter of SG-1.

Daniel Jackson, Ph.D. of SG-1.

“Yes! So I am right aren’t I” – Daniel Jackson, Ph.D. of SG-1.

These appalling cults appear to have survived in some way, or their ideas have, and/or psychopaths were attracted to the history for their purposes of scaring victims and creating a smoke screen for their activities to this day. Hence the child abuse and kidnapping and killing of babies, drinking of blood and so forth that we see being reported by RA victims which takes place in a context intended to confuse victims, law enforcement, therapists and ultimately society itself.

At the core of these perpetrators MO is the use of this word “satan”. However in the original translation that word means ANY adversary, NOT some singular figure …

A search of recommended Bibles ( see here: http://www.christianbiblereference.org/faq_kjv.htm ) gives …

New American Bible (Revised Edition):

[ Chapter 21 ] David’s Census; the Plague. *A* satan rose up against Israel, and he incited David to take a census of Israel.

Here’s the definition of the word from Wikipedia (permanent link)…

Satan meaning “enemy” or “adversary“;[1]

… and …

Some religious groups teach that he originated as an angel,” …

SOME GROUPS. The actual original religious texts do not define “satan” in this way. The idea that “satan” is some supernatural entity is a purely CREATED myth, created out of a fiction by egomaniacs, psychopaths who lie to enslave victims in an idea … as depicted in the Stargate SG-1 episodes that I identified above, and the entire “Goa’uld” Stargate concept; these perpetraitors (sic) style themselves as “God’s” (or a supposed supernatural being supposedly called “satan”) to gain power over people. This is often done with children who do not have the experience set to realise that they are being manipulated.

What better evidence could there be here that the creators of Stargate already KNOW about this subject and some of them are people who had to break out of what other RA victims and survivors have been subjected to, or at least take reports from victims seriously ? What better evidence could there be than the episode “Bloodlines” (on Stargate Wiki) where Tealc (which means “strength”) has a vision of his poor son having this awful thing done to him; a Goa’uld snake being put into him, a fictional device obviously meant to represent RA Mind Control traumatisation.

Even the scene itself where Tealc bursts in and kills the “priest” about to do this, is of course purely ritualistic in its portrayal. A white tent at the edge of an area where the Goa’uld “outcasts” are sent contains a child about to be severely traumatised into the tyranny that Tealc and his fellow freedom fighters are freeing themselves from. In an act of love Tealc is faced with an agonising decision, a choice between allowing the corrupt “snake” to stabilise a sickness his son has (because in the fictional Stargate the Goa’uld worm can strengthen a humans immune system), or preventing the implantation in the name of freedom but having to watch his son die as a result. In a tremendous act of love he is willing to give his Goa’uld parasite to his son to save him and risk dying in the process. I won’t spoil the conclusion to this part of the episode here, I just bring this up because of the underground nature of the RA phenomenon. This is why the truth of it appears in a science fiction series and not the mainstream media.

So …

“The original Hebrew term satan is a noun from a verb meaning primarily “to obstruct, oppose””

“The definite article ha- (English: “the”) is used to show that this is a title bestowed on a being, versus the name of a being. Thus, this being would be referred to as “the satan”.[7]

Ie. ANY person or situation that opposes.

“Psalm 109:6b “and let Satan stand at his right hand” (KJV)[11] or “let *an accuser* stand at his right hand.””

Above quotes from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

Now look at a core Christian teaching story … and remember “satan” means any accuser such as someone who slanders someone and is then taken to court; they are the accuser of that person. In the following extract I have replaced the word “satan” with “an accuser” in each instance. See how it reads. You can compare with the original source of the quote (permanent link).

“Book of Job

At the beginning of the book, Job is a good person “who revered God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1), and has therefore been rewarded by God. When the angels present themselves to God,  [an accuser] comes as well. God informs [an accuser] about Job’s blameless, morally upright character. Between Job 1:9–10 and 2:4–5, [an accuser] points out that God has given Job everything that a man could want, so of course Job would be loyal to God; [an accuser] suggests that Job’s faith would collapse if all he has been given (even his health) were to be taken away from him. God therefore gives [an accuser] permission to test Job.[13] In the end, Job remains faithful and righteous, and there is the implication that [an accuser] is shamed in his defeat.[14]

Remember its a story meant to teach. The God that I know anyway would not put someone through such suffering “just to make a point” as it were.

So to repeat. “satan” translates as “accuser”. Like an accuser accusing you of “being mentally ill” for example, or accusing Ted Gunderson of “being paranoid”.

“In the Septuagint, the Hebrew ha-Satan in Job and Zechariah is translated by the Greek word diabolos (slanderer),” ….

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

You see SLANDER again, not some supernatural being used to scare little children !

Manipulative symbolism as shown in Stargate SG-1 episodes “Jolinar’s Memories” and “The Devil You Know”.

So where did this corrupted idea of “satan” come from in the first place ?

“Dead Sea scrolls and Pseudepigrapha

In Enochic Judaism, the concept of Satan being an opponent of God and a chief evil figure among demons seems to have taken root in Jewish pseudepigrapha during the Second Temple period,[19]

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

The definition of “Pseudepigrapha” is …

Pseudepigrapha (also anglicized as “pseudepigraph” or “pseudepigraphs”) are falsely-attributed works, texts whose claimed author is not the true author, or a work whose real author attributed it to a figure of the past.[1]

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

… and …

The Book of Enoch contains references to Satariel, thought also to be Sataniel and Satan’el (etymology dating back to Babylonian origins). The similar spellings mirror that of his angelic brethren Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel, previous to the fall from Heaven.”

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

The Book of Enoch is another Pseudepigrapha work. It’s not canonical and these ideas are not accepted by the majority of serious theologians. The Book of Enoch …

“… is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. Most Christian denominations and traditions may accept the Books of Enoch as having some historical or theological interest, but they generally regard the Books of Enoch as non-canonical or non-inspired.[3] It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but not by any other Christian group.”

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

A further reference …

“The Second Book of Enoch, also called the Slavonic Book of Enoch, contains references to a Watcher (Grigori) called Satanael.[21] It is a pseudepigraphic text of an uncertain date and unknown authorship.”

… and more so …

“In Judaism, Satan is a term used since its earliest biblical contexts to refer to a human opponent.[26]

Both quotes from Wikipedia page (permanent link).

Hence NO SUPERNATURAL FIGURE a’la Stargate SG-1 and their fictionalisation of this issue into the false gods of the Ga’uald. This is what I think happens at Ritual Abuse ceremonies. Young children are scared into thinking that their abusers “are Gods” (or the supposedly supernatural being of “satan”) as a method of enslaving them into criminal activity. Some Ritual Abusers may even believe in some of their own nonsense, but psychopaths have been know to believe all sorts of odd things.

Sokar: “Of all the gods he picked to impersonate, he chose the Devil.” —Daniel Jackson. Sadistic. Nasty. But not a “God” or supernatural being.

So there is no such thing as “Satanism”, per se, because it does not follow. It’s a non sequitur because the original Religious texts that apparently support the existence of “Hell” or “Satan” don’t exist or if they do they are regarded as untrustworthy.

Notice how this cult behaviour may include the worshipping of various figures like Moloch …

“the god of fire”

Quote from Wikipedia page. (permanent link).

Remember the 60’s song ? … “I am the god of hell fire!” ? These misunderstandings of “Hell” have partly leaked into society (mostly in ways that are vastly less serious than what RA criminals get up to) so when someone says “it’s Hell” or “I’m in Hell” there is a tacit suggestion that they deserve the punishment, psychologically speaking. This is the kind of thing that is played upon by RA criminals.

There is also, as I covered above, a context here for Ritual Abuse in Fascism that has a very similar (some would argue identical with groups like the NAZI’s) modus operandi. There has been a modern day Canaanite group (Moloch) …

“Kurzweil believed the Canaanites replaced logos with mythos, producing a religious delusion

Does that sound familiar ?

“The Young Hebrews are not the first to launch themselves into the task of mythic renewal. Their original contribution is rather stale. For over a hundred years, the world has pined for a return to the lap of myth. The escapes into various myths have hitherto inflicted disasters upon humanity.”

Quotes from Wikipedia page (Permanent link).

“…mythic renewal” … Fascism, Nazi’ism, Ritual Abuse, “Satanism” (but the “S” word really simply meaning “an accuser”, remember).


“For the moment, we shall content ourselves with this quotation from Huizinga: “Barbarization sets in when, in an old culture… “the vapors of the magic and fantastic rise up again from the seething brew of passions to cloud the understanding … when the mythos supplants the logos.”[22][23]

Quote from Wikipedia page (permanent link). Huizinga was a Dutch historian (the logos (reason): connected to reality) …

“In 1942, he spoke critically of his country’s German occupiers, comments that were consistent with his writings about Fascism in the 1930s. From then until his death in 1945, he was held in detention by the Nazis. He died in De Steeg in Gelderland, near Arnhem, just a few weeks before Nazi rule ended, and he lies buried in the graveyard of the Reformed Church at 6 Haarlemmerstraatweg in Oegstgeest.[3]

Huizinga (permanent link) has been compared to José Ortega y Gasset

“As they say in the United States: “to be different is to be indecent.” The mass crushes beneath it everything that is different, everything that is excellent, individual, qualified and select. Anybody who is not like everybody, who does not think like everybody, runs the risk of being eliminated. And it is clear, of course, that this “everybody” is not “everybody.” “Everybody” was normally the complex unity of the mass and the divergent, specialised minorities. Nowadays, “everybody” is the mass alone. Here we have the formidable fact of our times, described without any concealment of the brutality of its features.” (Chapter 1: The Coming of the Masses)

… and …

“The Fascist and Syndicalist species were characterized by the first appearance of a type of man who did not care to give reasons or even to be right, but who was simply resolved to impose his opinions. That was the novelty: the right not to be right, not to be reasonable: ‘the reason of unreason.‘” (Chapter 8: Why the Masses Intervene in Everything and Why They Always Intervene Violently)”

Both quotes from the Wikipedia page (permanent link).

“the reason of unreason.”Fascism, Ritual Abusers, psuedo-skeptics and all that is aligned against TRUTH … The truth that Ted Gunderson comes out with for example. Here we have one of the reasons that Ritual Abuse gets treated as a “moral panic” with no evidence supposedly existing for it. There was a person I was trying to talk to about all this who said “I don’t agree with what you are saying” and then abruptly ended the conversation because she could not REASONABLY include what I was saying. She did not understand that opinions and what we regard as “unchallengeable facts” are not set in stone. The idea that Ritual Abuse “does not exist” can change because opinions do change. The appalling fear that these RA criminals create for victims and society can change as well. But that change has been blocked up until now by a “seething brew of passions to cloud the understanding” created by RA criminals manipulation of victims and society by using the methods I have detailed above to scare and mislead people.


  1.  Creative media of various types has been created to help victims and survivors as well as practitioners. One example is the series Stargate SG-1.
  2. The concept of Hell/Satan/The Devil is deeply flawed because accepted Religious texts do not define such concepts.
  3. Ritual Abuse includes practices that have historically been associated with Death Cults like the Canaanites/Moloch.
  4. The Method of Operation of Ritual Abusers includes concepts that, even if perpetrators and/or victims regard those concepts as real or not, is really there to act as a smoke screen to law enforcement and to victims/survivors/practitioners and wider society. This is done by a creating a semi-religious hysteria much like so called Jerusalem Syndrome.
  5. RA criminals are not Gods or any supernatural figure, although perpetrators may want victims/survivors/practitioners and wider society to believe that.
Destination reached. I won’t spoil what happens to the “hell” moon.



Addendum 2023: Who Is Satan? – Biblical Archaeology Society.

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