As in the Brazil example I covered in a previous post, again I encounter very obviously CRUCIAL information in this department that I have never heard covered anywhere, ever ! (Please forgive me if you are some struggling activist out there trying to get the same message across). These gems were discovered in the article “Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?EDIT: That link is to an incomplete article, please use this link. If you are uncomfortable with anything to do with 911 then please ignore that side of it as her article applies as equally to a wide range of issues. The article was itself discovered by me through the article “Weaponized psychiatry: The assault on dissidents as “conspiracy theorists”” (PLEASE NOTE: Even though this single article was helpful I do not recommend Veterans Today as a trustworthy news site).

The Lucifer Effect. This has clear ramifications to do with the conditions that contribute to setting up abuses in psychiatric wards in the first place … “the barrel, rather than the apples, was toxic”.

Diffusion of Innovations ( Also see Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rogers (1995) ) … and …

Crossing the Chasm.

Those next one’s have clear relevance in how to develop a marketing strategy to sell rational and humane medical “technology” to the NHS. Yes, Art Therapy and Jungian approaches. There is an entire strategy here to do with how to REPLACE corrupt British Psychiatry with sane, rational, proven, marketable, money making and money saving ways of treating mental health problems. Yet I’m not seeing any of this diffusing into the British campaigning scene (HINT: It would be rather nice if you examine the above articles in detail, hint, hint).

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