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I posted previously about “Psychiatry Inside out“, purportedly the only English translation of any of L’istituzione negata from the original Italian into English. But there are problems with this book. The main translation of Basaglia’s text is taken out of context. Examining the original Italian work shows a lengthy conversational piece prior to the excerpt used in Psychiatry Inside out. Even my rusty Italian and slightly better Spanish/Portuguese (in the Argentinian version of the book) can see that this is quite deliberate and intended to put the reader in the right position before Basaglia’s in depth piece. Supposedly there’s no English translation of L’istituzione negata.

But wait. What is this ? The 1970’s !? Did anyone think to use machine translation ? So here it is  …

L’istituzione negata – Basaglia – Italian p1-285 – TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH

L’istituzione negata – Basaglia – Italian p286-572 – TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH

Of course this is courtesy of Google. I’m sure its not perfect but its readable and better than nothing. Hopefully this might encourage a full translation by a native Italian who has good English and is familiar with the subject matter.

(Original source of Italian PDF was Archive.org).



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