WARNING: Please consult a trained medical professional before proceeding with any treatments.

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Chiropracty resets the nervous system using physical techniques to home in on where the problem is. Then physical techniques are used to “reset” the nervous system. This is very dramatic. So called “ECT” resets the nervous system using electricity. There may be brain damage but much more profound is the reset nervous system. Think of Chi, energy, Prana, Acupuncture and pressure points. Consciousness is the whole body, THE WHOLE PERSON. ECT is a way to neutralise that person without having the inconvenience of a body to dispose of. The created dissociation is so massive that your body is left walking around as a kind of doppelganger of what was there before. Yet of course the person is still there somewhere. They’ve just been thrown into darkness, away from the light. Into a Matrix. This is because the God created energy matrix form has been distorted and is then not receiving reality properly. Of course its much more profound than that; This is the gift of LIFE itself. Chiropracty is the answer and many NHS trusts will fund it. Ask your GP. ECT victims MUST be told about this and helped back to the light.

(Just to mention the warning at the top of this page again. There may be other health problems that need sorting out first before consulting a Chiropractor).

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