The comments by Javier are well taken. A certain quarter has warped reality almost to breaking point. It’s as if the Cold War and fall of communism never happened. The world was literally bought to the edge of total destruction from the end of the Second World War up to the late 1980’s. This peaked in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Was this whole literal planetary crisis fuelled by “Capitalism”. No it was not. It was instigated by communism/socialism. It was Capitalism that got us to the moon. It’s capitalism that gives you your evening entertainment and puts food on your table. It’s capitalism that gives you your freedom. It’s capitalism that gives you the freedom to … campaign against Capitalism. Bite the hand that feeds you ? Why not ? That’s your right to freedom of protest under Capitalism. But that right to protest does not include the “right” to bring down this whole structure crashing down around our ears. There the line is drawn. After all we have jobs to work at and children to raise.

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