Any true hate crime then fine, arrest all you want. But the rest of it is politicised nonsense. If you want people prosecuted for hate crimes then arrest abusers who force people into violent psych wards ! I’ve seen the inside of them. They are full of violent bullies. If you weren’t f’ed to begin with you will be after being in one of these places, believe me. Ruling the roost is The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Talk about the rule of Kings. Their “strategic plan” PDF (more life strategy for disaster!), is full of little gem’s like the “mental health crisis” that Britain faces. I’m sure it does after you nuked any chance of Franco Basaglias work coming into this country. You buried Laing and I don’t think you even know who Mosher is. These literal mafia King Pin’s preside over the pharmaceutical companies infiltration of people’s lives in this country. Their absurd philosophy would have us believe that literally all of us are “mentally ill”. But I know where the real disease is. It’s with those who promote this absurd “mental illness”. They truly are the disease. I’m the cure YOU’RE the disease.

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