Thank you to for pointing out that there are now multiple legal challenges against the government. I thought it was just the Dolan case and I don’t think I’m the only one. The government has become a manipulative and deceptive abuser. They misleadingly give the impression that “everyone agrees with us” and portray any dissenters as irresponsible. They behave as if the country has been transported into some kind of time warp to the worst days of The Blitz. “Careless talk costs life’s”. Evil “non covid believers” skulk like German agents around every corner. “One of them could be your friend”. This psychological pathology would be singularly amusing if it was not leading to many deaths and terrible hardships. Boris Johnson and his other corrupt ministers are an evil Globalist elite who have sold their souls to Technocracy, Globalism, The Green agenda and, like the Clinton’s and Biden’s in The States, money and corruption. They have no balls. They are spineless. This is what impressed me so much about Trump and the people who voted for him. They are brave. They have courage to fight very nasty types of criminality in government and the intelligence services. Those who call Trump “racist” have been taken in by the lies produced by a corrupt social order. This is why they call him “racist” because they are terrified of him and all the other good people who have had the scales lifted from their eye’s and can see how types of organised crime have got into government and politicians pockets. This is what covid is. A convenient excuse to try and prevent a “populist” rebellion against corruption.

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