Source: AIDS Hysteria Prefigured Covid hysteria.

Er. Where is the Serious Fraud Office on this ? Where is everyone on this ? If you think this is the “new normal” then I suggest a one way trip to Venezuela or North Korea and I’m sure you’ll be as happy as pie.

So while these lock downs destroy your businesses and kill more people than covid ever will (especially due to reduced immunity caused by extra stress) this guy has been raking in 5.6 million pounds from GSK …

£5.6 MILLION !

While you suffer in abject agony he’s laughing all the way to the bank with his nice little earner of “let’s ruin the country and everyone’s health so come vaccine time they’ll be begging for it and me and my corrupt scum buddies can make a killing (LITERALLY!)” …

This guy makes me feel sick. May it’s corruptivitus ?

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