Here are some comparisons to deaths of people in elderly care homes compared to deaths that occur of people under psychiatric “care”.

“You can not waste a doctor’s time with old people who are going to die soon anyway dear” she said to me.

BEYOND THE FACADE by Eileen Chubb, Loc. 376.

There’s a comparison here to deaths that occur in and outside of psychiatric “care”. The deaths are not speculation by the way. The Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry has provided the evidence. Just as in elderly care homes perpetrators can cover up the deaths by using manipulative comments such as the above. It is often assumed that psychiatric patients are at risk of suicide and/or can’t look after themselves properly so could die of serious health problems. Health problems that are rarely attributed to the drugs they are given.

“I had asked about their deaths I was told that they had all died of Bronchial Pneumonia and no one questioned their deaths. They were just accepted as due to natural causes and perhaps that was what happened. Little Maria said “These are old people dear and old people just die”

BEYOND THE FACADE by Eileen Chubb, Loc. 383.

Again, this is frighteningly similar to what I’ve seen going on when abusive forms of psychiatry are involved. Victims are maligned by suggesting “they are just all mad people anyway” when they lose their life’s to lethal psychiatric drugs. Even worse, if they are left wondering around in a state worse than death itself which has been caused by psychiatric drugs then that is manipulatively excused as “that’s just their mental illness”.

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