For those who immediately react to this by answering that “We have N.I.C.E and the C.Q.C”, well all I have to say is that you’re living in denial, ignorance, or both ! It has been proved that these bodies are now hopelessly compromised by pharmaceutical company money. They have failed in their job and need replacing.

So on to the task in hand …

“Putting safety entirely in the hands of the industry is not accepted in aviation ( ) so why is it accepted in medicine ? The aviation approach works very well … “There is an average of one fatality for every 287 million passengers carried by UK operators. This can be compared with a one in 19 million chance of being struck and killed by lightning in the UK or a one in 17,000 chance of being killed in a road accident.” (from link above). “

Quote from comments section of “Tumbling Further Down the Rabbit Hole: the Disturbing World of Antidepressant Withdrawal Research“.

Most people feel safe travelling on an airline, but do you feel safe going to a hospital ? Your GP ? I bet psychiatric wards or even any mention of psychiatry makes you feel scared. You should be. I would not get on that “airline”. As depicted in the pic at the top of this article, people who are given psychiatric drugs are dying in droves. I have it on reliable authority from Prof. Peter Gøtzsche that just a single psychiatric drug, Zyprexa/Olanzapine, has killed 100,000 people over the years. I met him at a conference and thanked him for the work he is doing. If an airline were losing that many people there would be national pandemonium ! There would national inquiries and mass vigils. Uproar in parliament and calls for the company who runs the airline to be shut down.

Compare this with medicine, especially psychiatry, where the situation is deemed to be “unsolvable”. Without a plan, throwing money at it won’t help (the much parroted “more mental health funding needed”). The equivalent of crashing airlines also seems to be invisible …

“Has anyone calculated the fatalities statistics of antidepressant users by comparison with the aviation industry safety guide? This review under discussion is dealing only with withdrawal effects of users – 56% being affected, and to different degrees. Until we record deaths, and especially suicides, of people suffering withdrawal, we will never change this epidemic of prescribing dangerous drugs to patients. It is time that all GPs and psychiatrists were forced, under pain of being struck off, to record every patient of theirs who has committed suicide or failed suicide, and then all those whose lives have been destroyed by them through broken relationships and an inability to return to work. WE NEED THESE STATISTICS RIGHT NOW.”

Quote from comments section of “Tumbling Further Down the Rabbit Hole: the Disturbing World of Antidepressant Withdrawal Research“.

The airline industry was sorted a years ago. A proper regulator. Foreign airlines who have a completely unsafe safety record are not even allowed to fly in our airspace !

“Refusal of access to European skies. Certain airlines are banned from operating in European airspace (including UK airspace) because they are found to be unsafe and/or they are not sufficiently overseen by their authorities. “

Aviation safety. The civil Aviation Authority.

So why are totally unsafe “fly by night” psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies allowed to operate in this country ?

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