Peter Ridd
Bleaching is one of corals’ defence mechanisms and should be regarded as a strategy for survival rather than a death sentence. Generally, it stops them dying.


Your “weird behaviour” (distress, trauma) is “Generally, it stops them dying“, an equivalent of coral bleaching that, even though it looks worrying, is actually a survival strategy. So more so, “rising levels of mental illness” (in NWO Eco terms) are actually an equivalent to coral bleaching that shows, not imminent destruction, but SURVIVAL STRATEGIES being used, across the board, based on 200 MILLION years of “learning a thing or two” vis “It should be no surprise that corals have learned a thing or two about dealing with large temperature swings over 200 million years of evolution.” (quote from PDF linked above).

Most corals that bleach fully recover (Marshall & Schut-tenberg 2006) albeit they are a bit shaken by the experience


This matches with the data covering those who are not drugged with psychiatric drugs or electroshocked who FULLY RECOVER from distress and/or trauma.

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