“I am not a liar. I have killed thousands. I have fed more drug fiends than the top three pharmaceutical companies combined.”

El Sueño, Ghost Recon Wildlands.

“We are literally scraping the barrel for the last remaining drug targets […] if there is no clear link with human disease, or if there is no clear unmet need, then there is no viable drug target. […] the only way to solve this problem is to develop completely new modalities that can address currently “undruggable” targets within the cell.”

Pharma’s broken business model — Part 2: Scraping the barrel in drug discovery

Why the pharma industry needed COVID-19
Written in November 2017 and May 2018, blog posts by Dr. Kelvin Stott, Director of Portfolio Management at the Novartis drug company in Basel, Switzerland, caused widespread alarm among pharma investors. Asserting that the entire pharmaceutical industry was “on the brink of terminal decline,” Stott described how research and development (R&D) returns in drug development had fallen to just 3.2 percent and could potentially reach zero by the year 2020. To put it simply, this meant that each dollar spent on R&D by drug companies would merely result in an income of a dollar. In other words, the pharma industry would no longer be a profitable concern. According to business website Forbes, Stott’s data correlated “with the observation of virtually every serious researcher who has looked at the industry.” As I wrote at the time, the implication of this was that the beginning of the end for the pharmaceutical investment business may soon have been within sight.”

The Omicron Variant: Deliberately Raising The Global State Of Panic

I’ve seen the total devastation that pharma produces with their psychiatric drugs. A situation that many have been unwilling to look at. It’s great to see so many upset about the spectre of forced medical treatments across the board. I can’t help feeling that if they’d had the same concerns about forced medical treatments by government run psychiatry then we would not be in this situation. But that being as it is, now we have pharma in their greed possessed rage forcing, effectively, the same model they’ve been using in psychiatry onto everyone; create sickness and force everyone to buy their expensive “solution”. There’s only one destination here. People aren’t stupid. When they see time honoured ways of doing things breached (after all psychiatric forced treatment is isolated to certain situations) then they start asking questions. Nothing lasts forever. It’s possible for even “all powerful” pharma people to go too far. After all they are human like the rest of us.

“[…] what Dr. Rath and our Foundation have been saying for years now, namely that the pharma industry isn’t a health industry, it’s an investment industry driven by the profits of its shareholders. […]

Pharma in a desperate battle for survival
Only time will tell where all this leads, and whether there may be even more to the lab-leak theory than is currently suspected. But whatever happens next, one thing is already certain: the pharmaceutical investment business is engaged in a desperate battle for its survival.

By targeting the micronutrient deficiencies that Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries have proven are the primary cause of diseases, nutrition and Cellular Medicine therapies offer the tantalizing opportunity to effectively, safely, and affordably save millions of lives from cardiovascular disease, cancer, pandemics, and other diseases alike. This, more than anything else, is what will ultimately ensure the final demise of the drug industry.

Viewed in this light, it can be seen that forcing the entire world to submit to experimental pharmaceutical vaccines is a last desperate throw of the dice by the drug industry’s key political stakeholders. It is in all of our interests to ensure that they don’t succeed.”

The Omicron Variant: Deliberately Raising The Global State Of Panic

Of course there’s much more out there than Dr. Rath’s micronutrients. There’s a thousand therapies and treatments that don’t depend on a chemical obsessed business model that are waiting to jump in and replace pharma’s corrupt practices.

The corruption of pharma has sickened me since at least 2003. Now they just show the world how utterly contemptible and evil they are by having turned our world upside down. For what ? For money ? How many billions does one need ? How many life’s have been trampled on to get that money ? These have truly been the Pharma Wars. Now pharma lashes out at the world like a cornered animal. It’s time this beast be slain.

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