“Communist regimes have been responsible for the death of more than 100 million worldwide, according to global experts. The final human toll of the current pandemic cannot yet be determined, but those who have perished and will perish from the novel coronavirus must be included in that count—victims of the Chinese Communist Party and its willful disregard for both human life and its own international legal obligations.”

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Chinese Communism was the enabler. If you believe people actually died from a virus, or that figures were grossly over inflated but nevertheless extra people died due to the resulting fear and panic … well, where did this start ? We can argue over the facts as we have been since the beginning of 2020, but one thing is indisputable. The virus did begin in China. Chinese communism became the enabler for other actors with a thousand personal agenda’s. Corrupt officials in the medical system. Left wing politicians and governors, and many others. Let the shit storm begin ! But who created all this confusion and madness ? Yep. Chinese Communism.

So I thank the The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation for having the appropriate respect for victims and adding them to Communism’s horrific tally. Ever since WW2 the German fascists have had the ignominious “honour” of being cited for the worst abuses and death toll of any regime. Yet it was the Soviet Union holocaust and many other Communists regime’s abuses that were much worse. Its about time this is more clearly recognised so that a travesty such as this China Virus can be avoided in the future.

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