Cliché alert … those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A sadly worn aphorism … until I bumped into this article …

Wokeism is Latter Day Puritanism. Today’s political conflicts replay past battles between Britain’s libertarian and puritan traditions, argues historian Nigel Jones. Behind the wave of Wokeism that has swept and is now swamping Anglo-American Culture, is a pattern that has recurred throughout British History since the early 17th century. This is the pendulum that regularly swings between periods of joyful Libertarianism and purse lipped Puritanism.

Wokeism is Latter Day Puritanism, By Nigel Jones 9 July, 2020.

This is really what lurks behind the purse lipped face of a certain Chinese originated problem that starts with C … Or was it V ? There’s a curious obsession with the hospitality sector. While people are packed onto trains, buses and jets, for some reason bars and restaurants represent a particularly dangerous species of animal rather enjoying themselves too much. In all the mind numbing stupidity of the last year, this article by a historian is the first thing to really have made sense to me. I’d already made the link with sanctimonious puritanism myself but not to the full historical context.

What’s the antidote to all this ? I think the British people might have the answer. Despite my frustrations with lack of action against this monstrosity (despite the recent very large protest in London) the British people are going out again to pubs and restaurants. They obviously aren’t all afraid and cowering indoors. I agree. Let’s live !

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