Fl Studio’s “ZGameEditor Visualiser” (silly name, see below) is orientated towards producing Youtube video’s to go along with music tracks. So it may not be immediately obvious how to use it as a live VJ’ing vision mixer. Yes. Vision mixer. Not sound mixer. Once upon a time it was an expensive business mixing video together which require devices such as the ROLAND V-8HD HD VIDEO SWITCHER

… priced at a cool £1,500. Even smaller devices such as the Roland V1-HD 4 Input HDMI Vision Mixer are £900 …

FL Studio Producer Edition is £153 !

Making FL Studio in FL VJ

As you can see in the image above its useful to think of ZGameEditor … actually hold it right there. “ZGameEditor !? This is a stupid name that just confuses everyone, right ? Let’s refer to this part of FL Studio as FL VJ from now on.

So as you can see in the image above its useful to think of FL VJ in terms of a traditional 2 deck mixing paradigm. The first two layers become “decks” one and two. The third is the mixer complete with crossfader. What would usually be the mixers faders for the left and right channels are actually on the first two layers as marked in the diagram. These controls can all be linked to your hardware MIDI mixer/controller to make a true Vision Mixer at a fraction of the cost of a hardware vision mixing console. FL VJ even has the ability to “cue” each of the two decks just as you would with audio decks. Maybe the headphones symbol in the image should have been VR goggles but, anyway, I think you get the point.

As you can see in the video FL VJ can be played live with this kind of setup. Of course further “decks” (the layers) can be added. The next thing I’ll look into for a future post is the possibility of having different types of transitions between video sources.

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