I have a dream of crowds of people angrily campaigning outside psychiatric wards.

Colleague:Dr. X ! … There is a large crowd of people outside demanding you make a statement !“.

Dr. X:I’m going home for a few hours. Manage my patients while I’m away please“.

Dr. X heads outside. Policemen are now jostling with the crowd trying to keep the entrance to the institution open. Dr. X heads through the crowd to his car. He is suddenly confronted by an angry women …

Women:What did you do to my son ! He can’t even communicate with me any more. You ruined his life!

The crowd starts shouting … “What are you doing to people in there !“.

Somebody starts throwing things at the windows. Public order arrests are made. Now the media has turned up. A journalist starts interviewing the angry women.

I have a dream.

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