First page of, McCarthy, Eugene, A Call to Prosecute Drug Company Fraud As Organized Crime (July 16, 2019). Available at SSRN:

I have previously written about the conviction of pharma company CEO’s. This is a very difficult subject to write about. I struggle not to get too emotionalised when so many deaths and damaged people are involved. But here lawyer Eugene McCarthy puts excessive emotion to one side in his brilliant use of legal rhetoric (in which he is trained) in the service of defining the problem. He dispassionately examines the extreme seriousness of this problem that so many people shy away from. Eugene should be congratulated for formulating such a fine grained article with extensive references. I hope and pray that it goes a long way to waking more people up to what everyone on this planet needs to know, after all who was not warned about the Mafia operating in their neighbourhood when that type of organised crime was at its height ?

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