A fan made film in the Firefly universe has a homage to the drug depicted in Outland (1981) that is killing miners.

Dayton Shooter Had Cocaine, Alcohol & Antidepressents In His System During Attack

True Pundit article.

Many other news stories confirm the coroners report, as well as their being a database of former incidents involving psychiatric drugs.

I wrote about this in a previous article drawing attention to the film Outland with Sean Connery.

Dr. Ann Blake Tracy has known for 30 years that these psychiatric drugs cause cravings for alcohol and other drugs.

In the pubic’s mind, I think they hear these things and think “of course this crazy guy was on psychiatric drugs. It was a treatment for mental illness”.

Mental Illness –> Psychiatric Drug –> Cure.

It’s difficult for people to accept that something else is going on.

Mental Illness –> Psychiatric Drug –> More Mental Illness –> More Psychiatric Drugs –> Even more Mental Illness –> Disaster !

At first I thought that lack of awareness of this issue was to do with the USA being one of the most medicated societies on Earth as well as the USA allowing pharmaceutical advertising on TV. However in the UK we do not allow pharma advertising and are somewhat less medicated than the USA, but awareness levels on this subject are still very low (or just kept in the background and silenced). However we do have The Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry in the UK. I highly recommend their conference page about a conference that happened in 2015. They have slides and video’s.

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