I reported before about the Opioid Crisis in the USA. Thousands have died. The same in the UK as well as with Psychiatric Drugs. The difference here is that there has been no declaration of a national emergency as there has been in the United States. This is due to having bad political leadership although this has started to improve with the election of Boris Johnson. However, even after Brexit, the UK is still a very PC society. This led to paralysis where these crises with opioids and psychiatric drugs are almost invisible.

This is what voters got fed up with in the USA. This is why Donald J Trump was elected … to boldly declare things like the national opioid emergency. He is so hated for doing the right thing from some quarters (but not enough quarters to get Hilary Clinton voted in!). Why ? Because he recognises the suffering and deaths of thousands, if not millions ? Why ? Because “it’s OK” to run a pharmaceutical company and kill thousands upon thousands of people and then, in the case of psychiatry, blame it on their “mental health problem” ? This cynicism and gross criminality must stop. Thankfully there are some good signs created by the bold and righteous leadership of the USA (thank you American voters !).

A major one being the sentencing of Kapoor, the former CEO of InSys pharmaceuticals. He was jailed for five and a half years. The untouchable are now touchable. The case proves that prosecutors don’t have t cave in to all the dirty tricks used by these scumbags to block prosecution over the years. Are you listening Serious Fraud Office ?

UPDATE: Here’s a news story with more detail. As well as other additions to this article …

Founder and Former Chairman of the Board of Insys Therapeutics Sentenced to 66 Months in Prison (Department of Justice new release).

The sentencing of Kapoor’s lieutenants …

United States v. Michael Babich, Alec Burlakoff, Richard Simon, Sunrise Lee, Joseph Rowan, and Michael Gurry, John Kapoor (Department of Justice new release).

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