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A lot of people in The West have become very good at compartmentalising themselves away from information that might “twist my mellow man”. They’ve also become very good at defending off certain harsh realities (especially to do with pharma) that might penetrate their self imposed exile from reality here on planet earth.

Was “the virus” in fact a way of handling unmanageable anxiety because the truth of the matter has been breaking through in a major way ? Those kind people have been bought up to have absolute trust in the government, the media, the medical authorities. They don’t look to self, to instincts for the answer. They look to BBC News or other things “out there”. THEIR own personal identity IN HERE (in them), IN THE CENTRE is not consulted (did you know that in an individual context YOU are at the centre of the entire Universe? There is only one point of view here, YOURS).

So now certain realities HAVE BECOME IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE its a bit like The Matrix breaking down for those people … hence headlong panicked rushes into virus virtual realities. However this is all A GOOD SIGN because the obsession with masks, etc etc is an anxiety reaction. It’s SUBLIMATION of the “anxiety object” into an avoidance reaction. The Anxiety object is the so called “Deep State”. Serious corruption and criminality in the political system and medical as well as some other places. Ironically some of this had already begun to be dealt with in the United States, especially pharma (Kapoor, Insys and more). Was it this that pushed the situation over a threshold from “I don’t have to think about it, its a conspiracy theory” into “Oh my God this is starting to scare me” (probably expressed subconsciously). So then a virus turns up like it does every year which then provides the sublimation or projection target in order to (badly) deal with unmanageable anxiety.

So that was the mask debacle. A psychological reaction to harsh realities being uncovered by movements such as QAnon.

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