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Sound design: Mr. Bean Clip Assessment Work

I got 63% “Very Good” which is getting up to a first mark which is 70%. This video was done for the Designing Sound part of the course that is run by Will Parker who has worked for the BBC and ITV before doing Foley and other sound work for TV and film (great guy BTW !). It was a group work. The brief was to pick an appropriate clip, remove the original sound and then remake all the sounds. I helped with the microphone recording and placement as well as coming up with ways to make the sound effects. We were having trouble with the sound of when he stands on his suitcase until I noticed the air purifier in the corner of the studio sitting on its handy card board box. This provided the appropriate sound. I also made some Mr Bean sounds (some of the curious utterances that Rowan Atkinson makes), however those recordings weren’t used for the final production. Yes, some of an artists finest work often ends up on the cutting room floor ! My team members also added a bit of extra humour that was not in the original at the part where you hear “Oh shut up”.

Here it is …

Studiocraft: Jazz drumming practical assessment

Actual mikes setup. Difficult to fit them all in there !

This was my first assessment for Studiocraft early on in the term with a Jazz session drummer. I got 54 out of the 100 ! A pass and actually a good mark. The head of music Antti said this would be the case as “no one get’s a good mark on this one because its so early in the term“.

So my group recorded the session drummer along to a jazz recording. We had a lot of microphones setup around the drum kit. My group and other groups complained about him being “bad tempered”. But I’m convinced this was deliberate on his part, and organised between him and the head of Music Antti, so that he would be this way if he was not treated properly and with the proper respect. This is because people skills and psychology is actually part of what we’re learning. You have to keep your musicians happy and relaxed otherwise you will not get the best performance out of them.

Studiocraft POP Studio Recording Assessment


Terminator Film

This was non-assessment group work done as part of the course work. This is foley again so the sound was stripped out and my group and me had to add everything back in but could do this in our own style hence the alternative music for when Ernie enters the bar. This was quite early on in the term in 2022 when we were still getting used to everything so this is not quite as sophisticated as the current (Jan 2023) Designing Sound assessment that I’m working on.


This is another non-assessment video that I did on my own as part of the course work. Video game sound design. This is still a work in process and only has the laser/plasma weapon sound. Hence it’s silent at the very beginning until that weapon fires and does not have environmental sounds.

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