The plague of the little man. It’s THEIR existential TERROR at the universe. Its vastness. It incomprehensivness. That life might actually be REAL. Their TERROR at being mortal. That existence might be extinguished at any moment. Disconnection from the eternal, timeless true self NOW. So Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, archetypal cosmology, depth psychology, and religious evolution becomes annihilated into “habits”. People ossify into becoming passive. In their resignation they talk endlessly about “ops”. In their passivity they never demanded that Royal Rife’s medicine be used TO ACTUALLY HEAL THEM. With suicide in the instalment plan they look forward to an early death that will release them from the bonds of their self imposed AGONY. This is the plague of the little man.

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Tip of the hat to Albert Camus and The Plague.

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