“Police should not be involved in responses to mental health because they can escalate the situation and mental distress, according to new research for the first time led by Australians with lived experience.”


This is kind of obvious if you think about it. The last thing someone going through a crisis needs to see is policemen coming up their driveway or knocking on their door. Or even battering down their door. This is where people’s thinking tends to become very muddy. If someone has committed a crime like punching someone in the face or arson then this is clearly a matter for the police. However most people in a crisis are just simply very distressed and just need someone to talk to …

“Maylea said “people told us they preferred ambulance responding rather than police. But when we asked them what they actually wanted, it wasn’t either ambulance or police. What they wanted was someone to come and listen to them and talk to them and make them feel like things were going to be OK.”


It’s about time people in distress were treated like human beings not criminals.

““When I’m unwell I’m a pain in the rase, but I’m not a criminal,” Kraze said.”


This country (Britain) would do well to pay attention to what’s going on in Australia as they are far ahead of us on this issue. They have “got it” and things are changing for the better

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