How the USA Congressional Record from 1969 shows us what “Mental Health” really is in Britain in 2020

“Scientism aligned with Psychiatry think people are biological machines and that free will is an illusion. But this is the flaw in their plan because we do have souls. We can choose and exercise our free will.” Quote from A View From The Galaxies: Universal Reality Beats Abusers on Planet Earth. Progressivism. A political movement […]

Word to the Wise: Do NOT use Samaritans UK for emotional support

I know this because after much frustration I started phoning the Samaritans in the USA. At first I thought the appalling support from Samaritans UK (with some notable exceptions) was “just my fault” until I discovered the USA Samaritans. I used a cheap international dialling number and 99% of the time the USA Samaritans have […]


There was a button that once pressed could bring economic prosperity, world peace, protect children and solve crime. But the existence of this button was denied. People skirted around it and were scared of it. But one day a man came along, Donald J Trump, and he said “I want to press that button, I’m […]

Wuhan, China. The world deserves to know. What has really been going on over the last year and a half ?

“Sceptics have noticed that any paper arguing against a lab leak is rushed into print in days, while ones that argue for a lab leak are rejected or delayed for months.” No clues there then. Science journals, Wuhan and a truly bizarre Twitter episode Photo source: C-SPAN  

The USA: How China created a virus to get rid of Trump

If you don’t understand why this is a reality then you don’t understand what Communism is. Despite nice little shiny devices China still has that same old abusive “all singing all corrupting” ol’time Communism. Trump stood up to their BS. China struck back. Not with nukes … the Cold War “mutually assured destruction” put and […]

Harvard professor charged for lying about $1.5M Chinese research scheme

Spy = Lie. China virus is a like a James Bond film … “While we are still confronted with traditional spies … I can tell you China is also using what we call nontraditional collectors such as professors, researchers, hackers and front companies,” Joseph Bonavolonta, head of the FBI’s Boston office, told the Wall Street […]