EVIDENCE THAT 5G IS REAL DISEASE CAUSE – The Death of The Dumb: The Death Throes of a Contagion Myth

EVIDENCE THAT 5G IS THE REAL DISEASE CAUSE. I found The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (Including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease being offered for free here. I’m not sure if this is a legal free offer but I will also offer the book for download here (IF THE  PUBLISHER OR AUTHORS WISH THIS […]

MK Ultra Mind Control / Cathy O’Brien: What the “virus” & the USA Election is Really About

UK/USA …. Houston you have a problem. Your polite society is beset by this real thing. This widespread problem with so called “mind control” (simply traumatisation that can be healed using Somatic Experiencing or whatever effective treatment) used by criminals, gangs, organised crime, cults and human traffickers. I think anyone who is willing to do […]

Breaking Through The British Psychiatric Information Blockade: The Real Dope on Basaglia

In my previous article I said I had discovered the best article so far on Basaglia. However its only really an introduction and not really that actual radical (in all senses of that word) “dope” on Basaglia. The discovery of the following article was hard won indeed. This is truly suppressed information in this field, […]

The best article I’ve found about Basaglia closing all the Asylums in Italy (as well as across the world)

Franco Basaglia and the radical psychiatry movement in Italy, 1961-78, by John Foot This article comes highly recommended from me. It’s a fair and clear analysis of a subject that can be confusing and misleading to the British reader. The successful reform movement in Italy may appear to be some kind of radical Marxist affair […]

Psychoanalysing the Mask Wearers

A lot of people in The West have become very good at compartmentalising themselves away from information that might “twist my mellow man”. They’ve also become very good at defending off certain harsh realities (especially to do with pharma) that might penetrate their self imposed exile from reality here on planet earth. Was “the virus” […]

TAA is the main factor that ruins the otherwise good Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Turn it off !

[responsivevoice_button] I previously wrote about the video game Ghost Recon Breakpoint (GRB). There’s a good game in there but it takes some getting at. However its worth it when you do, even more so now with the addition of AI team mates. 1. Start GRB with the “Vulkan” shortcut not DirectX. I could only test […]

The lid just got blown off the British COVID-19 lock down (regularly updated page)

32/09/20 – QED: The lockdown’s are FRAUD and were completely unnecessary QED. As I thought from the very beginning of this something was very, very wrong. It has been. It’s called FRAUD. Your businesses and society were damaged for NOTHING. You should be angry. You should take legal action against the government. Sue these criminals […]