Blowing the lid off the British COVID-19 lock down (regularly updated page)

Jump down the page to my summary, or regular updates or key articles. Latest below this point… June 3rd, 2020, 21:11 GMT: (Commenting on following tweet) By this point if you think any of the covid shite is legit then you’re fucking brain dead … June 3rd, 2020, 11:52 GMT: The USA Congressional Record from […]

It’s not just “my opinion” that electroshock & psychiatry is fundamentally a fascist conception

Cerletti was the “inventor” of so called ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) in the 1930’s. As it says here (above) he subscribed to a fascist magazine. Italy was the crucible of fascism. In fact the word “fascist” comes from the Italian “fascisti”. I have now had multiple people say to me about electroshock “Oh, I thought […]

To achieve rationality we must address this global Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and understand the past

This is an initial publication of an article about this video (not my video, it belongs to Gaia). I will add more later. Suffice to say the line … “Could this mass destruction have implanted a fear deep in our sub-conscious” is not trauma informed and makes the same mistake that talking therapies do. Somatic […]

Part 2: Blowing the lid off the British COVID-19 lock down

(Continued from Page 1) April 20th, 2020, 13:52 GMT: BREAKING: Neil Ferguson based his warning that caused this shut down on undocumented and unexamined computer code. Please note any actual code release happened AFTER the government proceeded. Multiple companies are going to be suing the government for lost earnings. This could bring down the government […]

Projection & Monsters from the ID: The missing Factor X in the Covid-19 lock down

Is there a missing Factor X here that has made this kind of thing worse than usual ? I’ve been thinking about this for weeks after feeling I was missing something. So we’ve had extensive and pathological Trump Delusion Syndrome, Climate Change scare tactics and Greta Thunberg getting school kids running around all over the […]

Part 3: Blowing the lid off the British COVID-19 lock down

(Continued from Page 2) As I realised from the beginning COVID-19 is simply a Cold or Flu virus. Here’s the proof from someone who knows what he’s talking about … See 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic. Also see here, and here. Dr. Fauci in New England Journal of Medicine: Coronavirus less severe than the […]

World Health Organisation Corruption & Marxism that Created Coronavirus Hysteria Proves Again Origin of Psych Drugs Problem

UPDATE 19th March (latest info): HELLO WORLD! Before Economy Totally Disintegrates – Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic? Original article follows below … I have written before about the “Lodestone” (or maybe more closely Rosetta Stone) that is Brock Chisholm and The World Health Organisation (WHO) […]

Finish the Fight: Warfighters unmask a previously hidden enemy

“After a careful analysis of the risk-benefit ratio, we reject all “mental illness” labels for the Warfighter and, likewise, reject the use or usefulness of psychiatric medications in the process of Warfighter reintegration. We acknowledge the devastating implications of these labels and “treatments” for traumatized individuals in general.” Warfighter Advance Mission Vision Something is happening […]