Police should not be involved in mental health incidents, Australian report says

  This is kind of obvious if you think about it. The last thing someone going through a crisis needs to see is policemen coming up their driveway or knocking on their door. Or even battering down their door. This is where people’s thinking tends to become very muddy. If someone has committed a crime […]

The Future Reich: Taking Off Your Armour To Get Back To The Good

Please see the PDF’s below (source). I extracted the editorial into another PDF as its a good summary. Primer: Why this happened no longer matters. But for whatever reason large tracts of humanity ended up suffering from what is basically a huge sexual neurosis. Reich identified this years ago. Bioelectric energy becomes dammed up in […]

Have you been ignored by therapy organisations when reporting torture carried out under the auspices of the NHS ?

I’m talking about reporting of severe damage to health by psychiatric drugs and electroshock. Were you shut down and ignored by a therapist and/or therapeutic organisation ? I’d love to hear your story. Please contact: michael@michaelzfreeman.org In the UK, torture in the NHS system (under the auspices of psychiatry) is very common. All national and […]

If crimes are carried out by psychiatrists then why aren’t they arrested ?

“We know now, for example, that the threshold for police involvement in an incident is outlined in the National Partnership Agreement (2023), published in July. It states police involvement should occur –  •  “To investigate a crime that has occurred or is occurring; or •  to protect people, when there is a real and immediate risk to […]

Want to understand this mess ? Why does psychiatry hurt people (and other absurdities that do) ? Then read this.

Rupert Sheldrake has done us a real service by so clearly explaining what is at the root of so many modern day maladies. He calls his article Setting Science Free from Materialism (direct link to PDF). But I’d title it The Evil of the Scientific Creed Defined. “Contemporary science is based on the claim that […]

Come on James O’Keefe. You can do better than this !

This is just absurd. A recent piece on James O’Keefe’s new site (he’s an investigative journalist) calls in one fraudulent doctor to call out another fraudulent doctor. Dr. Valentin Isacescu is a bio-psychiatrist. Bio-psychiatry has been doing what everyone got so upset about with Dr. Fauci, FOR DECADES ! It was one of the first […]