If crimes are carried out by psychiatrists then why aren’t they arrested ?

“We know now, for example, that the threshold for police involvement in an incident is outlined in the National Partnership Agreement (2023), published in July. It states police involvement should occur –  •  “To investigate a crime that has occurred or is occurring; or •  to protect people, when there is a real and immediate risk to […]

Want to understand this mess ? Why does psychiatry hurt people (and other absurdities that do) ? Then read this.

Rupert Sheldrake has done us a real service by so clearly explaining what is at the root of so many modern day maladies. He calls his article Setting Science Free from Materialism (direct link to PDF). But I’d title it The Evil of the Scientific Creed Defined. “Contemporary science is based on the claim that […]

Come on James O’Keefe. You can do better than this !

This is just absurd. A recent piece on James O’Keefe’s new site (he’s an investigative journalist) calls in one fraudulent doctor to call out another fraudulent doctor. Dr. Valentin Isacescu is a bio-psychiatrist. Bio-psychiatry has been doing what everyone got so upset about with Dr. Fauci, FOR DECADES ! It was one of the first […]

Tucker: Is there a connection between mass killings and prescription drugs?

A journalist being, well, a journalist. Remember that ? Tucker not only comes out with the psych drug issue but the reason the so called “lock downs” happened. Pharma corruption. People ! There are lives being lost here. People destroyed. Families ruined. A veritable war on society by a load of corrupt, psychopathic criminals in […]

Replace “Search with Google” Menu Item When Your Default Browser is not Safari

I use Microsoft Edge but even though the browser is set to default in MacOS settings there’s this pesky “Search with Google” menu item in everything which is hard coded to open Safari. Online guides constantly go on about adding a shell script to Automator. This never works and in fact I was surprised how […]

My latest assessment work from BA Hons in Creative Music Technology

So for my friends and supporters here is what you’ve been supporting ! Sound design: Mr. Bean Clip Assessment Work I got 63% “Very Good” which is getting up to a first mark which is 70%. This video was done for the Designing Sound part of the course that is run by Will Parker who […]

The plague of the little man

The plague of the little man. It’s THEIR existential TERROR at the universe. Its vastness. It incomprehensivness. That life might actually be REAL. Their TERROR at being mortal. That existence might be extinguished at any moment. Disconnection from the eternal, timeless true self NOW. So Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, archetypal cosmology, depth psychology, and religious […]

Note for sufferers of so called “Dissociation”

The body is a consciousness lensing device. Therefore trauma causes distortions in the lens. Think of a magnifine glass focussing the sun to a point. Abberations in the lens would cause multiple light points rather than one. This is dissociation. The light is all you but only seems to be “seperate” parts of consciousness. Restoring […]

The HP Printer Driver for Linux: Sense this makes none !

Starting on campus here its nice to have salvaged my old Laser Printer. Laser printers may still seem like elite only devices exclusive to office buildings but really they will save you a lot of money. Second hand Laser printers are very affordable and the toner will last for months, even years. By comparison ink […]

Another example of the mess that is psychiatric human rights campaigning in the UK

A perfect example of all this came up today. I was simply posting a polite comment to an article on MadInTheUK only to get an aggressive email response from admin addressed to no one and signed by nobody. It was complaining about me using the phrase “My dear” which I was using as a term […]