In my previous post I identified some of the real reasons for a careless, uncaring and corrupt mental health system in the UK. In this information war where victims are kept in an information quarantine I managed to break through again to another jackpot ! I had initially identified The Little Alpert experiment as a […]

How the USA Congressional Record from 1969 shows us what “Mental Health” really is in Britain in 2020

“Scientism aligned with Psychiatry think people are biological machines and that free will is an illusion. But this is the flaw in their plan because we do have souls. We can choose and exercise our free will.” Quote from A View From The Galaxies: Universal Reality Beats Abusers on Planet Earth. Progressivism. A political movement […]

The connection between internally deadening psychiatry and bad cosmology

The basis for Psychiatry’s affliction: “But to many people, the inner sensations are too frightening to surrender to, and a kind of deadness invades the body. This brings us full circle to the deadness that modern cosmology attributes to the heavens.” Quote from a review of The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major […]

Current news about call to end horrific detention of autistic & learning disabled (Joint Committee on Human Rights UK report)

At first I was skeptical about this kind of thing as I’ve heard it all before and its never changed anything. But actually reading the report (click on the PDF link for the full report) I find that the language has changed. There is more common sense and logic and much less of the naivety […]

Emergency post: The disabled are under murderous attack in the UK

“Mo Stewart Research” collates all my independent research, conducted voluntarily since February 2009, demonstrating the American corporate influence with future UK welfare reforms since 1992 and the human consequences of that corporate influence. The British “welfare state“ is being gradually demolished by successive UK governments, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance. Thousands have died and […]

Pharma (esp. psychiatric) is part of the Deep State tyranny that was winning @ keeping us all enslaved

This is why what is going on with Trump and the people who voted for him in the USA is so important. Sadly a lot of anti-psychiatry and pharma protesters don’t get this and fall for the same old lame media promoted Trump stereotypes and myths. So this is it folks. Do or die ! […]

Psychiatry is the modern Spanish Inquisition keeping us in pseudo-religious-medical slavery

Psychiatry is a modern inquisition. Just as the Spanish Inquisition used to be the “Gestapo” of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, now this modern day psychiatric inquisition stifles dissent and covers up truths. They are the bully boys of the medical cartel. It’s extraordinary to think that these two realities can […]

Yet another successful non-drug treatment for schizophrenia, YET IT’S NOT BEING USED !

TRANSCRIPT: (edited, originally generated by Youtube) … I did the Soteria Project for whichI am well known while I was at theNational Institute of Mental Health. Soteriawas an experiment that we did for 12years based in Palo Alto we had twofacilities one in San Jose one in SanMateo where we took in people who wouldwho […]