This attack on X and Elon Musk just exposes the appalling “PC” agenda that has basically almost silenced everything. Nothing is allowed to be said in person or in print just in case it offends someone. The media actively partake in attacking anyone that breaks the silence rule. Both the USA and the UK have problems and we need to be able to talk about them in order to solve them ! As a consequence debate often veers into controversial areas as a consequence. This includes social media where we’re going to get racists, antisemites and everything in between. If you like it or not they do have free speech rights up to a certain point (ie. obviously there are rules against death threats and this kind of thing). But banning their speech, however unacceptable it might seem, just shoots everyone in their collective foot. Is this possibly what the antisemites and racists were gunning for ? They hate our freedom and will do anything to destroy it, lets not help them !

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