Source: Dr. Gorka Compares #Obamagate to Banana Republic Despotism.

Communism has been trying to take over the world for decades. It’s not something that’s “like something from a James Bond film“, that’s what the James Bond film’s were about ! After the fall of the Soviet Union the Communists, in all their Progressive, Liberal and Socialist guises, carried straight on with the plan; Create a “one world government“. All nation states must fall to create a Globalist super-state. All wars will be ended. The workers paradise will dawn and mankind will live happily ever after. But it never happens. Look at history. Horror after horror created by that insane plan. Individualism and individuals are the enemy to Globalists (Neo-Communists) because in order to create a trans-national superstate everyone must live in a collective where the individual is subjugated to The State. Psychiatry was hijacked, especially from post 1945 onwards, as one of the the weapons of choice to attain this goal. It’s techniques break down the defences of the individual and blur lines between self and other for political purposes. Just as we are seeing in the United States with the FBI, Psychiatry was politicised (politically weaponised) to create a form of domestic security service that spies on individuals private affairs; especially when they are going through any kind of personal crisis and/or when they are disobeying some authority like a spouse or parent, or The State. This may be very difficult to believe for those bought up believing the medical terms and medical smoke screens that POLITICISED Psychiatry uses to hide its real agenda, but, as I show and will continue to show on this blog, the insider documents of the Psychiatric industry exist that prove that this agenda exists; especially those documents surrounding the creation of Psychiatry in its post 1945 form when the World Health Organisation was created as well as The World Federation for Mental Health and other organisations.

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