“A third of medical students may be put off psychiatry as a career choice by stigmatisation”

Source: Anti BASH webpage, Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The web page continues …

“There is clear evidence of ‘psychiatry-bashing’ throughout medical schools by many groups of students and teachers. Students starting medical school with an interest in mental health considering the possibility of becoming a psychiatrist are often put off their career choice by influential consultants in other specialties [sic].”

Hooray ! Medical students are getting it !

There is no future in Psychiatry ! It’s days are numbered ! Students who choose Psychiatry choose a career filled with misery and disappointment, as well as depressing Psychiatric industry diktats. Even worse choosing Psychiatry means having to watch your patients be destroyed time after time, by treatments you’ve been told are totally safe !!!

Choose another medical speciality ! You know it makes sense ! Think of your career advancement. Think of your reputation with professionals and friends ! Choose wisely.

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