I sometimes wonder if those in the know are getting this kind of reaction when it comes to the truth about the pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical drugs and especially those psychiatric pharmaceuticals and their use by corrupted forms of psychiatry. It must sound like so many so called “conspiracy theories” to them. To be honest, who can blame them ? It’s all completely unbelievable. Like something from a horror film or a science fiction movie. But other countries have seen the truth. Brazil, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and many others. It seems to be particularly difficult to see all this for many British people. What I call “The Nutter Syndrome” is also bought into the mix. It seems to be almost impossible for many Brits to discern between someone who may have had some pre-existing psychological problem on the one hand, and the abuses in the psychiatric system on the other. It this really so difficult to discern ? Judging by my own observations it seems to be particularly difficult for many British people to discern as compared to Brazil or Italy. There’s a trigger or knee jerk reaction to hearing any hint of “psychiatric system” and/or “mental health” which leads on quickly to discounting any other reason that some victim of psychiatry might look a bit angry or whatever other body language they are picking up. Things quickly slide into perceiving that person as a member of some kind of “set” of those “how believe conspiracy theories”. Much like the belief that people voted for Trump or voted for Brexit because of “fake news” or the “Russians”. But just as is hinted at in part of the Far Cry 5 story above, reality always smashes through eventually. It has to. It always happens eventually. Otherwise, if you think about it, none of use would be here.1,676 views

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