Important Update: (rest of article is below):  There is a Homeopathic treatment for healing the damage that these “anti-psychotics” and other psychiatric drugs cause. Please be aware that I spent the last 12 years healing the metabolic, and endocrine (hormonal, glands) health problems caused by these drugs using treatments recommended in Dr Ann Blake Tracy’s book and MP3 talk (guide). For some reason she does not mention Homeopathy and it may be the case that if I had started using it 12 years ago (along with Tracy’s treatments) I would already be healed. What ever the case please consult a Naturopath and/or Nutritionist who is also a qualified Homeopath. So what is the treatment ? There is a national emergency Homeopathic helpline. Use it ! I was drugged with Olanzapine so I phoned up Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy to talk to them about this. They already have the made up treatment for Olanzapine (the drug that damaged me) on the shelf for £6.95 ! Presumably they have made up treatments for other drugs as well. I am investigating this treatment. A course of the 30C potency. 3 x pills a day for 2 weeks. What seems to happen is that the body does not understand what is lodged in the cellular receptor sites in not just the brain but the gut as well. The Homeopathic treatment provides an energy trace of the original drug in the water as well as nanoparticles of the original drug. The sample of the actual drug (Olanzapine in my case) is “potentised”; diluted down until there is essentially none of the original drug in the Homeopathic treatment apart from its “memory” stored in the water and some nanoparticles. This then provides a “sample” of the original drug to the body’s immune system. There is evidence to show that Homeopathy can be used in cases of being poisoned. I also recommend reading other articles by this author as part of reversing what these drugs do is psychological. You might have been told that “Homeopathy does not work” or there “is no evidence” to show that it works. This is rubbish and these powerful treatments are being kept away from the victims of these horrific “anti-psychotics” and other psychiatric drugs. Which brings me onto what symptoms might people expect from this Homeopathic treatment ? I asked Ainsworths: “What symptoms might I suspect ?”, Ainsworth’s answered “None. Negative symptoms from drug will start going away. Symptoms only appear if you give the treatment to a healthy person”. However I have noticed symptoms, not from the Homeopathic treatment but from the idea that it can heal me ! This is a result of the powerful types of cult-like Mind Control that these corrupted forms of psychiatry use, so make sure you have a psychologist or psychotherapist on board as well.

Pic: This post is unofficially sponsored by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. For why this is so see the end of the article.

(Preliminary article. I thought it urgent that this info be got out there for other victims. This is a working document. See bottom for updates).

Look at this. Evidence that receptor sites are “permanently” blocked even AFTER coming off these drugs, due to brain cells being very long lived (this is the mistake I was making because I was assuming same cell replacement rate as rest of body): …

– “With irreversible antagonists like many of these drugs are the receptors that are blocked will never become unblocked unless a powerful agonist is applied“. This is real and these sites can obviously be unblocked –
– This: “agonist that unblocks receptor sites blocked by antipsychotics“.
– Do we really think its a coincidence that these drugs get stored in fat and that conveniently they also increase fat production ? There’s so many examples of this that strongly suggests …
1. There was an original designer that engineered these drugs to be extremely nasty indeed.
2. They produce an effect AFTER the drug is out of the system (basically, apart from the fat thing, but see 3).
3. If said victim succeeds in fixing metabolic syndrome and other effects due to healing and/or replacement of D2 receptor sites (and/or use of agonist antidote) leading to increased focus – then the fat problem comes in and victim may seem to develop “psychiatric symptoms”. This is no coincidence.

– “Many – if not most – antipsychotics work as a type of a dopamine receptor (D2) antagonist; they basically bind to the dopamine receptor and prevent their stimulation from misfiring, which is the reason why these medications help to decrease hallucinations.” –
> Please note that  according to Jung’s model hallucinations are not unhealthy and are part of a symbolic healing process.
– “Anecdotally: Sometimes people are left dysphoric and unable to get high off drugs, music or otherwise regularly pleasurable activities for extended periods of time if not the rest of their lives. This could mean some sort of damage or dysfunction to the dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitter systems.” –
> The brain is *NOT* a “bio-computer” and is in fact the product of billions of years of evolution. We did not create our own brains ! God did. Everything in life exists in a FORCE FIELD that has access to material matter at BEYOND the subatomic level. Therefore strong emotion and intentionality – FOCUSSED ATTENTION – as described in the “Conscious acts of creation” book can create “miracles”. This could have been what was happening in the tales of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s healing abilities. Therefore this all basically bypasses this entire thing and goes UNDERNEATH or THROUGH the layer of reality that “dopamine receptor sites” exist at possibly providing an energy medicine treatment.

So the obvious question that remains is this. Is there a pharmaceutical antidote out there that was developed alongside the development of these extremely nasty drugs ? Is it kept from victims ? If it exists would it be wise to use it, or would it be safer to use a natural medicine alternative that clears these receptor sites that remain blocked YEARS after coming off these drugs ?

UPDATE 1: “Anti-psychotics” are designed to keep your brain – neuronal cells – in a low energy state. All cells work intensely with membrane – lipid membranes, so called anti-psychotics are lipophilic – interactions. This is the basis of all life and consciousness. Think of when you move your hand. The muscle impulses – cell surface interactions – are THAT fast ! This is happening all the time across the entire body of cells every time you feel an emotion or have a thought …

“It is not difficult now to imagine different emotional states, each with a predominant pep- tide ligand-induced ‘tone’ as an energetic pattern which propagates throughout the bodymind, a ‘vibratory flow’ which can restore communication among ‘blocked’, diseased or unintegrated body parts. I too have moved beyond the ‘lock and key’ model of receptor/ligand binding to the notion of vibrating receptors and ligands which attract at a distance as they resonate at the same frequency. Dr Oschman’s new paradigm vision of the human body allows me at last to be able to begin to understand how different emotional states, by triggering the release of various pep- tide ligands, trigger sudden, even quantum, shifts in consciousness accompanied by concomitant shifts in behavior, memory and body posture. Perhaps we can now begin to imagine how physical ‘adjustments’ of spinal joints that house peptidergic nerve bundles, therapies that emphasize emo- tional expression and feeling within the body, and hands on healings where practitioners claim to be able to feel energetic differences and emit appropriate corrective energies share common energetic mechanisms.”

Source: Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, By James L. Oschman.

This is how it all works. Not the hogwash that bio-chemistry and bio-psychiatry has taught you. So this is turning into an entire article here again when I really need to get this out …


WARNING: Please note you will have to sort out for yourself if it’s safe to use this vis levels of anti-psychotic stored in fat (lipid) deposits as this supplement is used for weight loss, so you risk re-flooding your system with the drug again if enough time has not passed since you stopped using it (tapering off slowly is a must as usual). My research has shown that as long as a few years have passed (going to differ with each person) the liver should have broken it all down anyway.

Along with internal intake of Frankencense, ACETYL-L-CARNITINE could well be the, or part of a cure and antidote to the after effects (after you are off those drugs and have healed other health problems first like the glandular metabolic one’s) of so called “anti-psychotics”. The trick seems to be to bring the POWER LEVELS of the neural cells back up because the drug was engineered SPECIFICALLY to lower those power levels. They want to keep YOU, victim of “anti-psychotic” drugs in that low energy state for the rest of your life ! Don’t let them ! Remember your school biology ? ATP ? Mitochondria ?

“It [Acetyl-L-carnitine] also has been found to support dopamine levels and prevent the age-related decline of dopaminergic receptors.11”

Source: (Will add later).

Age related ? This is exactly what these so called anti-psychotics do. They create Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s like effects that you see in old age. I found the info  about Acetyl-L-carnitine in a article about Lyme Brain (Lyme’s disease in the UK).

So more later. Watch a video about ACETYL-L-CARNITINE here … and he does cover the neural side of it …

BTW, hence the pic at the top of the post, the fellow in the video above, Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. , has been personal nutrition and health consultant for none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

UPDATE 2: It’s also important to consider the Mind Control aspects here. I’ll write about deconstructing Kraepelin and Bleuler in a later blog post (look em’ up !). But the simple fact of the matter is that you might not BELIEVE that you can reverse the effects of this psych drug because of the kind of psychological manipulation and brain washing you have been subjected to by corrupt psychiatry. I have found types of media very useful here. For example the video game Far Cry 5 gives a very good rendition of a controlling cult that is controlling a state in the USA. Now “first person shooters” might not be your thing, but anything that uses a virtual environment and tells a story based on some equivalent of corrupt psychiatry would work. I don’t know, some of these 3D puzzle games come to mind where you walk around a virtual environment solving puzzles. Who knows ? For me it’s Far Cry 5 at the moment. It gives me that space to really let the reality of what corrupt psychiatry did to me settle in. To cut through the lies and see THE OBVIOUS. Corrupt psychiatry has all the hallmarks of a cult belief system. But that’s a for a later post. BTW, you may be asking “why a virtual environment? why not a book?”, well books may help as well but VR has shown to have powerful pain reducing effects and is used in may burns units these days (look it up); Mind Control is based on the application of pain to make you do something. So reduce that pain !

So. I include this here because it’s important to include psychological approaches in combination which treatments like Acetyl-L-Carnitine because as that fixes the problem its going to kick off embedded forms of Mind Control that will try and prevent you from solving the problem.

Research papers:

The characteristic feature of this action is an inhibition of the fundamental metabolic processes of living matter, essential to the normal activity of all cells.” –

“I have, with various collaborators, undertaken a search for a pharmacological action capable of inhibiting cellular activity“.

This from one of the creators of antipsychotics himself. This action is no “side effect”, it is the MAIN effect as admitted in this document. Charities like MIND and other organisation are being totally outrageous when they fail to understand this. THE EVIDENCE IS HERE ! You are being lied to whenever you hear the word “side effect”. These drugs are DESIGNED FROM THE BOTTOM UP to inhibit cellular activity. This is literally evil – e-v-i-l – the reverse of live – l-i-v-e, attacking the very basic function of life itself, the cell ! THINK ABOUT  IT.  If you wanted to help someone with “a brain dysfunction” you would give them the very treatments I quote above as well as things like Ginko. You would NOT attack the very basic energy system of cells – neural cells – themselves. No wonder these people and these drugs are killers !

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Includes history:

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1799 results for Acetyl-L-carnitine on PubMed.

UPDATE 2019: Some evidence (originally from this book) of th electrical nature of the cell. These drugs damage cell surface interactions that then reduces the overall charge of the cell …

Souce: Your Cells Can Light Up The World
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4 thoughts on “A cure/antidote for brain damage caused by anti-depressants & anti-psychotics ?

  • Monica Gal

    I just finished tapering off Cymbalta(duloxetine) in one year from 30 mg to null. I know i can still store it in my fat-tissue so i wanted to ask if starting now,3 weeks after tapering it off, with Frankencense and ACETYL-L-CARNITINE- – would be a good idea or i would flood again my system with that horrible drug. i managed to loose 4 kg of my weight on my own during withdrawal, cause i knew i have to get rid of fat – storing Cymbalta. now i want to clear my system of any remaining trace of Cymbalta. how many drops of Frankencense daily and how much mg of ACETYL-L-CARNITINE daily would you advise for clearing my body of Cymbalta? Thank you, Monica

    • David

      Infrared saunas, NAD IVC, pemf as atp production.
      I bought some of the Antidote. 7th attempt to taper my gf off Olanzapine. I found another method of “inversion”using a Bicom bioresonance as well. Stilling thinking about which to go with. What a shit show these meds are. Oh and somatic experiencing is good for trauma and ptsd

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