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I would not normally post this kind of thing on my site but this affects everything. Google and other tech giants need to be pulled up sharply on this. This effects the necessity of getting information out about damaging psych drugs and a million other issues that YOU care about (there must be one!) . It effects your freedom, in any country of the world to have free and fair elections. You may hate Trump but if you can’t see that this drift towards a totalitarian, censored society by Google and other companies ALSO EFFECTS YOUR FREEDOM (if you hate Trump or not) then you need to go and look in the mirror. You need to ask yourself why people fought for hundreds of years to bring us the vote while they were being crushed into the dirt by entitled, unelected Barons and Religious despots. It’s revolting that Google and other companies think they can “run the show” if it’s in the USA or any other country. If you hate Trump … great ! That’s YOUR freedom to do so, but don’t muck it up for the rest of us by seriously interfering with the free flow of information and investigative journalism.

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