The mental health world is an absurd world where people who simply need help are tricked into a sick little world where street drugs are “bad” and psychiatric drugs are “good” (psychiatric drugs are not dissimilar to street drugs. Think how many street products originated in pharma). Whether through cowardice, stupidity or simple ignorance, professionals seem to incapable of facing the truth. Coroners consistently put deaths down to “lack of timely mental health care” (or some such thing) but completely miss the role of psychiatric drugs in worsening symptoms or at least completely failing to actually help that person.


Yet, As Franco Basaglia found, this is exactly what is happening. The people with the real problem are the professionals. Their daily failure to  grasp the truth betrays their inner psychological problem which they don’t want to look at. It’s too obscene for them. So it is projected out onto a perceived “weaker” social class. The traumatised and distressed. They are held up to hold all the evils and things that society finds too difficult to look at. Murdered as sacrificial lambs on the alter of shabby “mental health systems” their deaths function as a sick reminder that “mental health is an important issue” from professionals that can neither galvanise or recognise their own lack of human morals and ethics. In a fallen world the unnecessary deaths of “mental patients” only goes to prove that life “is short and brutish”, while the rest of the population looks on thinking “there but for the grace of God go I”.

Source material for this piece …

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Devon peer’s grandson died on 18-month mental health waiting list – Cornwall Live

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