Cover of A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry by Sheila Isenberg

“Varian Fry was the American Schindler. He even had a list. He arrived in Vichy-controlled Marseille on Aug. 15, 1940, with $3,000 taped to his leg and a charge from the organization he worked for, the Emergency Rescue Committee, to help save some 200 endangered refugees, mainly artists, writers and intellectuals, from the Nazis.

Quote from the Amazon page for A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry by Sheila Isenberg.

On December 22, 1942, The New Republic published one of the very first accounts of the Holocaust that would reach Western eyes. Aptly titled “The Massacre of the Jews” (1). Up to this point the State Department in the USA had been turning away Jews. The reality of what we now know as The Holocaust simply had not hit home …

THERE ARE some things so horrible that decent men and women find them impossible to believe, so monstrous that the civilized world recoils incredulous before them.

The opening sentence of Massacre of the Jews by Varian Fry

One reason the Western world failed to rouse itself more promptly to the Nazi menace was surely this tendency to dismiss as impossible fantasy the many warnings the Nazis themselves gave us.

Quote from The massacre of the Jews (my emphasis).

This is exactly what we see in so many responses to the seriousness of the damage caused by psychiatric drugs. The school shootings in the States that involved these drugs. The “suicides” caused by drugs. Types of self mutilation. Bizarre acts of violence (Mothers killing their own babies for example). For example see

We made the terrible mistake of judging the Psychiatrists by our own standards, failing […] to realize how completely they had renounced, if indeed they had ever espoused, those standards.

A quote (altered) from The massacre of the Jews.

I replaced “Nazi” with “Psychiatry” in this quote.

There are still far too many among us who do not understand the nature of the enemy—an enemy who will stop at literally nothing to achieve his ends. And his ends are the enslavement or annihilation not only of the “mentally ill”, the weak, the traumatised but, after them, of all the non-healthy peoples of Europe and, if possible, the entire world.

A quote (altered) from The massacre of the Jews.

Again I altered the quote taken from the original text. I replaced Jew and German.

We must face the terrible truth.

Another quote from The massacre of the Jews, unaltered this time.

This is what needs to happen.

Another letter, from a French Red Cross nurse who worked in the Velodrome, tells exactly the same story, describing it as “something horrible, fiendish, some thing which takes hold of your throat and prevents you from crying out.

Quote from The massacre of the Jews, unaltered (my emphasis).

But cry out we must. AND LOUDLY.

As the country who were the first to successfully stand up to the NAZI’s in the 1940’s, we out of any country, should be the one’s most equipped to loudly point out what this problem really is with psychiatry/pharma.

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