Yes it is real. The following is just a single example of court action by the Trump campaign which was published in a tweet


Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was an abused child who lived in a village in Britain near to an American air base. He played with the kids of American pilots staying in the village. His school had an American football coach on its team at one point. This abused kid would lag behind at the back of the field, but this American coach would yell (as Americans say) at him … “COME ON MICHAEL YOU CAN DO IT !!!“.

This abused kid greatly appreciated that someone believed him in.

This is really America’s role in the world … “COME ON WORLD YOU CAN DO IT !!!“.

But now America is under attack. Biden and all the rest of them care nothing for American elections. It’s all lies. They are really trying to destroy the integrity of the election process like they did with marriage, to ultimately bring down America and turn the world into a big Blancmange mess of Globalism. Without America. Because the USA is standing in the way of their no-more-nationalism, Climate Change, Green Energy and Technocracy agenda. It’s an agenda of fake kindness. It’s an agenda fit for corruption, criminal cartels and child sexual abuse.

Look. This is really serious. Far from what the media is saying, there is serious evidence of clear and actual election fraud in the USA election. If this is not sorted out then the process that stands in the way of civil war in America is removed. There are very real grievances on Left and Right but a fair election process – as in the rest of thee world – is supposed to be there to allow peaceful resolution of these issues.

The USA must clearly resolve these issues using their court system in a way that is clear for everyone to see. This is what’s important for peace in this world.

Pray for America.

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