Listen to Dilley above. I’ve never heard such a powerful call to action. We were called by God here to win this fight. Evil has crept into our neighbourhoods. Child abuse. Corruption. Criminality. At a high level as well. Many politicians and high level figures have been overcome by their involvement in organised child sexual abuse. The Clinton’s. Biden’s. As well as figures in the UK as well. Up till now it’s been a case of “drawing the drapes” over the problem by using that over worn term “conspiracy theory”. No. There have been convictions of human and child traffickers. There is evidence. Now their enablers, those high level figures need to be bought to justice. They know its coming which is why there has been an attempt to sabotage the USA election. This is not just some “sour grapes” thing from Donald voters. There is very real evidence of inconsistencies and fraud. The perpeTRAITORS know that a second term will bring arrests and serious investigations of them, as well as convictions. When judgement comes, as it always does so, the evil criminals (and they are evil, for example a bank robber, even though he’s a wrongdoer, would shoot someone who he caught torturing a child because he is in fact not evil himself. There is a difference) … the evil criminals are running blind. They will fight to the death like that scene at the end of Lethal Weapon when the Busey character has been defeated in the lawn fight.

He steals a cops gun and is about to shoot our heroes but, in their now sealed friendship, they react instantly to bring the bad guy down.

It may seem hard now, but you have to be tough as nails in the service of The Lord. Never give up. Fight, fight, fight ! Our children deserve a bright future. Give it to them now. We must convict and punish these perpetraitors.

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